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    • Art Day
      The nursery children enjoyed learning about Van Gogh's sunflowers during art morning.
    • Koala Class - Harvest Festival
      On Friday, the children headed down to the Methodist Church. Whilst we were there we learned about the Harvest Festival.
    • Year 1- Teach your monster to read.
      Elephant class will be bringing home login cards tonight for the app 'Teach your monster to read.'
    • The Dragons make a Geo-Dome
      We had an excellent time in Forest School yesterday making a fantastic Geo-Dome Den. We had to use team work and our imagination and follow instructions very carefully. A huge thank you to our special guest Martin who showed us how to make it.
    • F2 - Topic
      We have been very busy this week learning lots of things based around the Bear Hunt story! In Sheep Class we love to share our learning with you, please follow the link below to find out more and to see photos of our week.
    • Dragons School Councillors and Eco Team
      Congratulations to our new School Councillors & Eco Team representatives. They will work throughout the year to improve the school environment and systems.
    • Stonebroom's got talent
      At Stonebroom we love to hear about your special talents and achievements.
    • Year 1- Numicon village!
      Yesterday afternoon Elephant class decided that we needed more work on recognising the value of numicon shapes- a resource that we use frequently in our Math lessons so we worked as a team to make a numicon village!
    • Thank you from Koala Class
      A big thank you for your book donations to Koala Class' Reading Garden.
    • Maths Morning
      Wednesday 26th September 2018 was maths morning at Stonebroom Primary & Nursery School. The whole school split into small groups and enjoyed a round robin of mathematical activities.
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