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    • F2
      I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
    • Nursery
      Happy New Year! We hope that you have all had a fantastic Christmas break!
    • Koalas
      Happy New Year to you all!
    • Headteacher's Award
      Congratulations to all children who have won the Headteacher's Award for this half term.
    • Year 1
      This week we have had lots of fun doing various Christmas activities.
    • Party, Activities and Snowball the elf!
      Meerkats class have enjoyed plenty of Christmas activities this week.
    • Year 1- Party Day
      Elephant class had a wonderful party day yesterday!
    • Key stage 1
      A few key stage one/ reception reminders.
    • F2 - Christmas Party Day
      Today has been Christmas Party Day. All the children had lots of fun and even got to take home a present from Santa!
    • Bronze Badge Award
      Congratulations to the latest bronze award recipients.
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