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    • Year 3 - Rivers walk
      This afternoon, as part of our rivers topic year three went on a river walk.
    • Pre-learning task - Rivers
      Take a look at the fantastic posters that have been produced by Year 3.
    • Year 3 river walk
      Please follow the link to access an electronic version of the letter your child has taken home.
    • Giraffe class - Spring 1
      I hope you are looking forward to returning to school next week!
    • Christmas baubles
      We took advantage of wearing our festive jumpers on Wednesday to take some Christmassy pictures for our decorations.
    • Rock Steady Concert
      Last Thursday, the children who have taken part in Rock Steady this term produced a concert for the rest of the school.
    • Animal Bones
      In relation to our Big Question, we studied some animal bones. We had to decide what animal we thought they were from and what type of bone we thought it could be.
    • Craft Puppets
      We have been busy making craft puppets in Giraffe class!
    • Year 3 - Loch Ness Monster film
      Today, we had a film premiere!
    • Giraffes - Pre-learning task
      Wow, I have been so impressed with the efforts of you all with the pre-learning task!
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