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Ethos of Forest Schools

Forest School is based more on the process of learning than it is on the content, more on the 'how' than the 'what'.  This means that genuine Forest School practice steps out of the shadow and limitation of 'planned activities' and ventures collaboratively into the realms of the unplanned, unexpected and ultimately unlimited.  Learners are given encouragement to direct their own learning - this often requires catalysing on the part of the FS leader either through stimulating play in the outdoors or through 'scaffolding' a child's learning, but mostly through simply observing how children are in the outdoors.”


 We talked about appropriate clothing for Forest School in our Health and Safety in the Woods talk on Friday 10th January.

Please bring several layers of loose, old clothing every Friday to put on over your uniform. 

You will also need an OLD COAT and some wellies or walking boots.  NO TRAINERS PLEASE.

Scarves, hats, gloves are also recommended during the cold weather.

It's cold in them there woods!  PLEASE wrap up in sensible, warm, OLD clothes.



You can always take a layer off if you get too hot..

But if you don't wear enough layers, you will get cold..

This will affect your learning in the woods and you'll not have as much fun, so...


Year 6 - Session 1 - 17/01/20

Exploring our muddy woodland!

It's been raining a lot over the past few days so our Animal Park and Woodland were very muddy today.  We all remembered to bring our kit which was great and Miss T and Laura were very pleased with how many layers we wore to keep us warm.  It really was cold in the woods, we were very glad of our hats, scarves, warm coats and thick socks in our wellies!

We spent some time on the Animal Park and we started to learn about all the jobs that need doing to make sure the animals are all safe, warm and well fed.  Miss T and Laura showed us how to let the chickens out for a run; they can't stay out all the time because Mr and Mrs Fox might want a free dinner, so the chickens just come out for a couple of hours while there are people around, especially noisy ones like us!

We fed our goats, Norris, Norbert and Ned, and Horace and Olive had some fruit out of the piggy bucket. The goats ate apples out of our hands too!  The guinea pigs didn't want to come out, they need to get used to us first and it was a bit too cold and rainy today! We filled all the water troughs up with fresh rainwater and put some hay in the goat shed and the guinea pig hutch.  Olive came out for a run and some of us swept the boards in her paddock.  It was really muddy in there but all that sweeping helped to keep us warm.  Sam helped us to dig out a big pile of piggy poo that was really smelly, but we have to help Olive to keep her paddock clean.

We went into the woodland and some of us couldn't believe how much it had changed since the last time we visited.  There's a lot more equipment now and we had some free time to explore it at the end of today's session.

We had a walk around the woodland to look at some of the projects we will be tackling over the next few weeks.  We went to the meadow, we'll be planting more willow around the living dens to thicken them up; we'll be re filling the tyres with compost from the pig areas and scattering wild flower seeds when the weather gets a bit warmer; we visited a very muddy area where the main footpath goes and we talked about how we could divert the path to avoid this area for members of the public who walk their dogs through the wood; we looked at the steps that we built with Mrs Kaye when we were in Year 4 and we decided it would be good to make them stronger and put a new hand rail in to make them safer.

We had a fabulous first session in the woods, and Miss T, Laura and Sam said they were very pleased with our positive attitude and our wonderful ideas for tackling our big projects.

Have a look at the photos below from our muddy woodland exploration!