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Welcome to our I-vengers page! We are a small team of pupils who are working together to promote online safety and to ensure that our peers know how to stay safe online. We are part of an exciting, regional programme where we have tasks to complete monthly, ensuring that our school is working hard at staying safe online! Please visit this page to keep up to date with what we are up to each half term!

Parent Survey 

As part of our I-vengers programme, we have been asked to collate opinions from both pupils and parents about all things online! We are asking pupils and parents to complete the following survey to help us as a school to monitor children's safety online. Pupils are to complete their survey in school, we would really appreciate it if parents could click on the link below to complete the parent survey about online safety. Responses are anonymous and will further support us as a school to support online safety. 

Link to the survey: Parents Online Safety Survey (

Thank you. 

Bronze Award! 

Our school has recently achieved the Bronze award as part of the I -vengers programme! The team were given a set of tasks to ensure that the school was able to earn their bronze award. Some of the tasks included - a welcome assembly, ensuring that classes understand what online safety is about, and asking each child to create a poster about staying safe online. The I-vengers team are now working hard towards the silver award!

Great team work I- vengers!