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EYFS Home Learning

Please find below some websites which your child may like to use to learn at home. Please email if you have any questions about home learning.

Nursery - Summer 2

What would you find at the seaside?

 Australia colouring pictures.pdfDownload
 Australian animals.pdfDownload
 CVC words.pdfDownload
 Great Barrier Reef booklet.pdfDownload
 Make a tent.pdfDownload
 My b workbook.pdfDownload
 Number formation rhymes.pdfDownload
 Seaside counting.pdfDownload
 Summer themed activity booklet.pdfDownload
 World map.pdfDownload
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Week 2 - How can I travel to the seaside?

 Colour and count.pdfDownload
 Design a vehicle to take you on holiday.pdfDownload
 How to draw a train.pdfDownload
 I spy initial sounds game.pdfDownload
 I Spy transport game.pdfDownload
 Letter f work book.pdfDownload
 Pattern tracing.pdfDownload
 Sorting activity.pdfDownload
 Transport addition.pdfDownload
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Week 3 - What will the weather be like on holiday?

 Draw the weather.pdfDownload
 Dress up powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Letter e workbook.pdfDownload
 My weather diary.pdfDownload
 Seren's Seasons.exeDownload
 Seren's Sequencing.pdfDownload
 Shaving foam rain clouds.pdfDownload
 Weather Challenge.pdfDownload
 Weather clothes sorting.pdfDownload
 Weather colour by number.pdfDownload
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Week 4 - How can I keep safe in the sun?

 CVC words.pdfDownload
 Design your own sun glasses.pdfDownload
 Design your own sun hat.pdfDownload
 letter l workbook.pdfDownload
 Missing sounds.pdfDownload
 Odering by height.pdfDownload
 Pack for sun safety.pdfDownload
 Staying safe powerpoint.pptDownload
 Summer colouring sheets.pdfDownload
 Summer cutting practice.pdfDownload
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Week 5 - How can I keep safe on holiday?

 2D Shapes.pdfDownload
 Dangers in the bathroom.pdfDownload
 Dangers in the kitchen.pdfDownload
 Letter h workbook.pdfDownload
 Missing numbers to 10.pdfDownload
 Pattern tracing.pdfDownload
 Safe and unsafe sorting activity.pdfDownload
 Sammy seagulls summer safety story.pptDownload
 Staying safe in the summer holidays.pptDownload
 Water safety powerpoint.pptDownload
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Week 6 - What happens at an airport?

Week 7 - What journey am I going on soon?

 Colouring pictures.pdfDownload
 Guide for parents.pdfDownload
 Lockdown Sports Day 2020.docxDownload
 Ready for school checklist.pdfDownload
 Starting school booklet.pdfDownload
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Nursery - Summer 1

Is there a monster under my bed?

Week 1 - The Gruffalo (What is hiding in the deep dark wood?)  

 Draw your own terrible creature.docxDownload
 Pencil control.pdfDownload
 Vocab mat.pdfDownload
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Week 2 - Dragons (Do dragons really exist?)

 Cutting skills.pdfDownload
 Design a dragon egg.pdfDownload
 Instructions for Paper chain dragon.pdfDownload
 Letter O.pdfDownload
 Paper chain dragon.pdfDownload
 shape castle pictures.pdfDownload
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Week 3 - Mermaids (Do mermaids live in the sea?)

 Addition to 10.pdfDownload
 Colouring sheets.pdfDownload
 Find, colour and count.pdfDownload
 Handprint Mermaid.pdfDownload
 Handwriting control.pdfDownload
 I-spy under the sea.pdfDownload
 Letter C.pdfDownload
 Numbers 0-10.pdfDownload
 Science Investigation.pdfDownload
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Week 4 - Monsters (Are all monsters scary?)

 A monster Suprise Story.pptxDownload
 Colour by number.pdfDownload
 Counting to 20.pdfDownload
 Design your own monster.pdfDownload
 k workbook.pdfDownload
 Make a monster pack.pdfDownload
 Marshmallow monsters baking.pdfDownload
 Monster number recognition.pdfDownload
 Monster slime recipe.pdfDownload
 Monsters number colouring.pdfDownload
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Week 5 - Trolls (Do trolls live under bridges?)

 Big bad troll song.pptDownload
 Challenges sheet.pdfDownload
 Letter u workbook.pdfDownload
 Number bridge.pdfDownload
 Science activity - make a bridge.pdfDownload
 Spot the difference.pdfDownload
 Troll play dough.pdfDownload
 u activity sheet.pdfDownload
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Daily Challenges

  Below is a list of activities you could complete daily to help your child continue learning at home.

1) Practise writing their name.

2) Count to 20 forwards and backwards

3) Read a story together and chat about what it was about.

4) Go on a sound hunt - give your child a sound e.g. m. Ask them to hunt around the house to find objects beginning with that sound.

5) Make up a story and ask your child to add ideas and to tell you what might happen next.

6) Look for shapes around your home and name them. Encourage children to look for 3D shapes too, e.g. cube, cylinder, pyramid.

7) Go for a walk (unless isolating) and talk about what you see.

8) Visit the web pages above and complete a game.

9) Practise writing letters and numbers correctly.

10) Ask your child to help with daily chores e.g. washing up and talk about what they are doing.

EYFS Phonics

Please find below the letters we would be learning in nursery. This document shows you how to say the sound correctly, how to do the action to help your child remember the sound, the Read, Write Inc. image and the ditty to help you write the letter. Have fun leaning all of them while learning at home!