Stonebroom Primary And Nursery School

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                                      'Together Aspire, Together Achieve'

Our Aims & Vision


At Stonebroom our vision is:


  • To be recognised for excellence in every area of school life;


  • To have standards of attainment which are in the upper quartile when compared with similar schools and exceeding national averages when compared with all schools;


  • To create an environment and organisation which is fulfilling and fun and values the health, well-being and contributions of all its members.


All members of the school community – children, staff and parents – are committed to:


  • Developing close links with the local and wider community;


  • Recognising, understanding and accepting diversity within the school, local and wider communities;


  • Encouraging parents and carers to be engaged in their child’s education and the school community;


  • Celebrating and valuing each individual’s strengths and achievements;


  • Working together for the benefit of the whole school community.


We aim to provide education of the highest quality which will:


  • Provide challenge to fulfil potential and raise attainment;


  • Create effective, independent, lifelong learners;


  • Develop confidence, resilience and pride in achievement;


  • Encourage responsibility and self-reliance;


  • Build a community in which all are valued and treated as individuals;


  • Provide a learning environment based on respect, tolerance and friendship.


We recognise that aspirations and commitment must remain high from pupils, staff, parents and governors. The strategic partnership of all the school’s stakeholders sharing a clear vision of what is possible and what has to be done to achieve it, will ensure that:


  • Every child is making good progress;


  • Every group of learners are well supported and their needs fully met;


  • Every lesson is a good lesson in every classroom;


  • Every staff member is fully committed, well supported and effectively challenged;


  • Every parent is fully engaged and active participants in their child’s learning;


  • Every leader is improving outcomes for children, lifting staff performance and managing change;


  • Every stakeholder is well informed and supportive.