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Emergency Closure


Emergency Closure

We will always do everything we can to avoid closing at short notice. Head teachers and Governors appreciate the difficulty and inconvenience caused to families when schools close unexpectedly.

In some circumstances such as a heating failure, staffing issues or poor winter weather, teachers may not be able to get to school and therefore we have no option but to close. Decisions are often made very early in the morning giving you little time to make other arrangements.

How do I find out if our school is closed?

We have our own texting service and will let parents know individually if the school is closed. Please ensure that we have your latest mobile phone number.

We will also update our website homepage and our Facebook page as soon as we know that we will be closing.

We will inform BBC Radio Derby of closure who will broadcast regular updates and put a list of schools that are closed on their website - this page can be found at - please note, the school closure lists on this page may not display correctly on mobile devices.

You can listen to BBC Radio Derby on 104.5, 95.3 and 96 FM or 1116 AM.

Other local radio stations may also broadcast updates on school closures including Capital FM and Gem 106 FM

Please be aware that schools often take calls early in the morning especially in the winter. You may find it difficult to get through so please be patient. We will answer your call as soon as they are able.