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    • Elephants - Phonics Pets
      Firstly a big thank you for all of the work you have completed with the phonics pets at home this half term, you are amazing!
    • Elephants- Pirate forest school session
      We have had a fantastic afternoon at forest school!
    • Year 1 - part whole models
      This morning we had a different kind of Maths lesson, in the hall, to introduce us to something we will be using a lot in Year 1 - part whole models.
    • Elephants- Pirate Day
      Elephants- a reminder that next Thursday (14th October) is our pirate party day.
    • Elephants- Food tasting
      Next week as part of our work on the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom, Elephant class will be trying a food from each country and guessing which one it is from.
    • Elephants- Playdoh pirate ships!
      As part of our work on pirates, we have been learning about the parts of a pirate ship.
    • Elephants- Science
      This afternoon in our Science lesson, we answered the question 'Which material would be best to make a coat for Captain Blackbeard?'
    • Elephants- Red word dance
      In Year One we practice our 'red words' in lots of ways. Red words are words that we use a lot in our reading and writing, but they are tricky as we can't decode them with our phonics.
    • Elephants- Computing
      This afternoon we went in the ICT suite and although this was one of the first ever times in there since starting school, we impressed Miss Rowland with our skills!
    • Elephants Fun Phonics - 'igh- fly high'
      This afternoon in our fun phonics sessions we focused on one of the sounds we have been finding a bit tricky - 'igh, fly high.'
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