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    News Stories

    • Safe Arrival
      The Y5&6 children who have gone to Kingswood have arrived safely.
    • Dragon's Assembly
      This morning (Monday 19th March 2018) the Dragon's class (Y4) treated us to an excellent assembly.
    • Dodgeball - Week 2 Update
      After another enthralling week of dodgeball, where the league welcomed The Furious Five and Destroyers into the competition, the dodgeball section of the website has been updated.
    • School App Ready for Iphones
      The school app is ready for the Iphone. Search for 'School Jotter' - Get - Install - Find Stonebroom. Or scan the QR code attached to the letter (see link)
    • 5 Pits Pupil Parliament
      On Thursday 15th March 2018, four of our school council members visited Tibself Community School to attend the latest 5 Pits Pupil Parliament
    • Congratulations Y6
      Congratulations to all Y6 pupils who graduated from the DARE programme today
    • Dodgeball - Week 1 Update
      Please visit the website for the latest updates from the dodgeball league.
    • Race Night Postoned
      The Race Night, due to be held on Friday 2nd March 2018, has been postponed.
    • Dodgeball Competition Details
      The fixtures are now available for the Dodgeball competition.
    • Golden Table
      Congratulations to all who were on the Golden Table on Friday 16th February 2018
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