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    • Nursery Role play
      Donations Wanted!!
    • Golden Table
      Congratulations to all children who were chosen to sit on the Golden Table on the last day of half term.
    • Year 3 visit to Eden Camp
      Monday 21st May - Koala class had an excellent day visiting Eden Camp, with the rest of Key Stage Two.
    • Golden Mile Updates
      Every week, the children at Stonebroom School take part in The Golden Mile.
    • VE Day Celebrations - May 22nd 2018
      We have had a fantastic day celebrating VE Day - all pupils dressed up as either evacuees or in red, white & blue. At lunchtime grandparents were invited to come and join their grandchildren for lunch.
    • Year 4 visit Eden Camp
      On the 21st May, Year 4 had an amazing day out exploring the huts at Eden Camp with the rest of Key Stage Two.
    • Success At The Inter-school Cross Country Competition
      On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, Miss Johal, Miss Steeples & Mrs George took 16 KS2 children to Morton Primary School to take part in the previously postponed cross country competition. They were running against 8 local schools.
    • Year 5 at Eden Camp
      Year 5 had an excellent day at Eden Camp with the rest of Key STage Two.
    • Forest Schools Y2 News
      Y2 have had a wonderful half term in the Forest Schools.
    • F2 - Wood Work
      We continue to develop the outdoor area in F2! The children have been introduced to a wood work area and they have loved using it. They have been working hard sanding down the blocks of wood and have been thinking about what they can make with the wood.
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