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    • Friends of Stonebroom Primary
      Please follow the link below to view the April newsletter from the Friends of Stonebroom Primary.
    • Green Merit Badge
      Congratulations to these children who received their green merit badges this week.
    • Dragons' Easter Egg Hunt
      The Dragons had a great time this week making carrot themed baskets and hunting for eggs. Many thanks to the School Council and Miss. Blakey for organising this event.
    • Further Eruptions with the Dragons
      We had a few dormant (or possibly extinct) volcanoes so we had another go at erupting them. This time we doubled the quantities and added the bicarbonate of soda first. We had some spectacular eruptions!!
    • Nursery - Summer 1
      I hope you are enjoying the Easter holidays.
    • The Golden Table
      Congratulations to these children who have been chosen to sit on this term's Golden Table.
    • Easter Egg Competition
      Congratulations to all of our Easter Egg Competition Winners
    • F2 - Summer 1
      The children really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and it was great to finish the topic with our grown-ups, showcasing all of our hard work in the dinosaur museum (photos will be on the website shortly)!
    • Nursery - Easter
      The children have had a fantastic time learning about Easter.
    • P4C
      Question this week: Would you rather live in the sea or in a pond?
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