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    • Sheep Class - Dinosaur Disco
      Mummy dinosaur came to Stonebroom Primary School, we had sent invitations to her the previous day. We were so excited about the mummy dinosaur coming to Stonebroom and she kept making appearances around school throughout the day.
    • Sheep Class - Easter Egg Hunt
      Sheep Class went on an Easter egg hunt this afternoon and we found lots of chocolate eggs!
    • Sheep Class - Bronze award
      Well done on achieving your bronze badge.
    • Sheep Class - dinosaur diet
      Today we have been learning about what dinosaurs used to eat! We talked about how some are meat eaters and some are plant eaters and some greedy dinosaurs eat plants and meat. We then learnt the words: herbivore, carnivore and omnivore.
    • Sheep Class - Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs
      This week we are looking at the book 'Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs'. We have read part of the story so far and we stopped at a cliff hanger... we can't wait to see what happens next! We are really enjoying the story so far.
    • Sheep Class - Dinosaur Habitats
      Well done Sheep Class for producing such fantastic homework! I have really enjoyed talking to you all about your habitats, you had some fantastic ideas.
    • F2 - Dinosaur Eggs
      What an exciting morning in Sheep Class!
    • F2 - Class Newsletter
      Sheep Class - Newsletter
    • F2 - Friday Disco
      What a fantastic week in Sheep Class!
    • F2 - Super Subitising
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