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Reception indoor and outdoor provision pictures!

Please take a look at some updated pictures of both our indoor and outdoor provision! The children have enjoyed lots of different activities this week. For example, exploring a sensory painting station, exploring floating and sinking by making boats and making bird feeders to name a few!

Reception outside floor update!

Our new floor is down in reception! We are so pleased with it, it has really made such a difference to our outside provision. We are currently working really hard to put the outside area back together. Below are some pictures of the floor after it had been put down. We will share more pictures once it is completely finished!

Reception outside floor renovation has begun!

A huge thank you to the volunteers who came in to help clear our outside area. We could not have done it without your support, we are so grateful! We spent all morning, clearing and cleaning the outside area ready for our new flooring to be put down. We even managed to get some general maintenance jobs done, which we never get chance to do! Thanks again to our wonderful parents!

Nativity Recording!

Click on the poster below to watch our Key Stage 1 Nativity: 'The Angel Who Nearly Missed It All!'

Pupils worked hard to learn their lines and actions. They did a fantastic job performing in front of audiences this week. Enjoy our play! 

 (Please note that this is a secure temporary link for parents and families and cannot be found by searching)


Below is our class timetable. Now the children are settled in reception we are doing more adult led carpet inputs.

Spring 2 pre-learning task

The children's pre-learning task was to create a colourful poster sharing all the facts and information that the children knew about dinosaurs. We were blown away by the children's knowledge and creative pieces of work! Merits were awarded, well done!

Spring 1 pre-learning task

The children's pre-learning task was to, design or make a superhero cape. Well done to the children below for creating some amazing pieces of work, merits were awarded!

Autumn 2 pre-learning task

The children's pre-learning task was to, draw a picture of an animal that lives in the polar regions. Well done to the children below for creating some fantastic pieces of work, merits were awarded!

Autumn 1 pre-learning task

The children's pre-learning task was to, draw a picture of yourself and write your name independently. Well done to the children below who completed this task, your work was fantastic!

Proud Cloud!

Below is a picture of our class 'Proud Cloud' display. We are proud of all the children in Sheep class, but it is nice to share some of the children's wow moments!

Star Readers!

Reading is such an important part of children's learning and development. To encourage children in Sheep class to use and enjoy our reading corner in Reception, we have introduced a star jar which the children helped to decorate. Children who choose to read in the reading corner during activity time have their names put on a raffle ticket, which then goes in the star jar. On Fridays we draw a raffle ticket and this person gets a special prize out of the prize box! The children have really enjoyed using the star jar as well as reading lots of the stories we have in the classroom!

To encourage reading for pleasure, every Friday we visit the school library, Sheep class children have the opportunity to swap their library books. This is for you and your child to enjoy together over the week!