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Silver Award

Well done on receiving your silver badge! To achieve this, you must have completed twenty weeks without being on the sad face.

Bronze Award

Well done on receiving your bronze badge! To achieve this, you must have completed ten weeks without being on the sad face. 

Class Newsletter

Lockdown Home Learning - January 2021

Good Afternoon,

Your child came home with a Seesaw account login just before Christmas; the children should all be up and running and I would therefore like to share with you the plans for online learning with Reception. 

Based on the government guidance, the children should have on average 3 hours of work a day. With this in mind, we have decided in school that the children will receive the following education: 

  1. An English activity – daily.
  2. A maths activity – daily.
  3. A phonics activity – daily.
  4. One other activity – daily – this will be linked to the 7 key areas of learning within EYFS; e.g. R.E, P.E, PHSE, UoW etc.

As you’re aware, I am due to start my maternity leave on Monday 11th January; Mrs. Beresford and Miss. Walton will therefore be running the Seesaw account and setting/marking the work completed by the children, from Monday.

If you have access to story books at home, it would be greatly appreciated if you could listen to your child read and/or read a story to your child. You may also find lots of engaging audio books on YouTube for your child to listen to.

Mrs. Beresford and Miss. Walton will do an online assembly announcement every week, which will include Star of the Week and Dojo Master; this will begin on Friday 15th January.

Please can you encourage your child to complete all the work set – Mrs. Beresford will be using the Medium Term Plan (MTP) for this half-term, to support your child’s learning. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could try and encourage your child to be as independent as possible, so that Mrs. Beresford and Miss. Walton can gauge what your child can do and what they need support in.

As a school, we will be monitoring work carried out every day. If the children do not do any work for two consecutive days, we will be carrying out welfare checks on the children. I appreciate, due to other commitments, there may be times when the children need to complete the work at the weekend. If this is the case, could you please inform Mrs. Beresford or Miss. Walton so that they know not to worry about them. 

Every other week between now and February half term, we will be doing welfare calls. During these calls, Mrs. Beresford/Miss. Walton will hopefully get to speak to the child and yourself and they can see how your child is getting on and if there is anything further, they can do to support their home learning. Their first call will be on: WEDNESDAY 13TH JANUARY. If this is an issue for you, please contact school (01773 872449) or email Mrs. Beresford - - . We appreciate some of you may still be at work/working from home and need to arrange a different time. 

Finally, please know that Mrs. Beresford and Miss. Walton will do everything in their power to make this a positive experience for the children but if there is an issue, please contact either Mrs. Beresford or Miss. Walton at school or email. 

I would just like to finish by saying a huge thank you, for your continued help and support during another difficult period. 


Kind Regards,

Mrs. Marsh

Below you will find the class timetable - which will be updated every half-term, along with the long-term plan for Reception.