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Group B - Animal Park

We have had a great morning at the animal park and enjoyed all of the same activities as group a (see below). We were very lucky this morning as we got to see baby chicks that weren't even a day old! It was very exciting and the children very calm and gentle with the chicks.  

The children were absolutely amazing. 

Thank you Miss Thompson and Laura. 

Group A - Animal Park

Our question this week is 'How do farmers care for animals?', to answer this question the children have been down to the animal park to learn more about the responsibility of animals and to help care for them. 

Group A have had a fantastic time this morning! They have spent time with Miss Thompson learning all about how she cares for the animals. They got to look at different types of eggs and what makes them different. They also got to see a baby pigeon, Miss Thompson talked to the children about how she has cared for the bird. 

The children then got to spend the rest of the morning helping Miss Thompson with all of her jobs. They have:

  • Collected the eggs
  • Swept the pens
  • Fed the animals 
  • Restocked the animals hay
  • Refreshed the animals water 

We have been so busy and enjoyed every minute.

Thank you Miss Thompson and Laura!

Scarecrow Homework

Well done to all of the children that completed their homework! Your scarecrows are are absolutely fantastic and it is lovely to see how individual they all are. 

Which animals live on a farm?

Our questions this week is 'Which animals live on a farm?'. To answer this question we went on an animal hunt to find a variety of animals. Once we found all of the animals we had to sort ourselves into farm animals and not farm animals. We then had a discussion about which animals lived on a farm. We then learnt all about the farm animals and the names of their young. 

We recorded our learning by drawing a picture of our favourite farm animal and their young and writing some super sentences! Well done Sheep Class.

Easter Egg Hunt

Sheep Class went on an Easter egg hunt this afternoon and we found lots of chocolate eggs! The children were super speedy at finding all of their eggs. I was very impressed with how kind the children in Sheep Class were, lots of the children were sharing their eggs with children that didn't have as many and it was so lovely to see. Sheep Class, you make me very proud!

After we found all of the eggs we went inside to count how many we had found. We used our subitising skills to do this. The children tipped their eggs out of the basket on to the floor and we looked at what we noticed about the eggs. The children were able to notice 1, 2 and 3 and were able to combine their groups to find the total. Their noticing skills are getting quicker and more complex. We are so impressed with their super subitising. 

Dinosaur Disco

What a fantastic day! We had an appearance from mummy dinosaur, we had sent invitations to her the previous day. We were so excited about the mummy dinosaur coming to Stonebroom and she kept making appearances throughout the day, she even tried to steal our chocolate eggs!

We then spent the morning having a dinosaur disco. We played musical statues, musical bumps and four corners. To finish off the disco we had a dance competition to the song 'Walk the Dinosaur'. 

When we got back to class, we realised that mummy dinosaur had been in our classroom. There was a trail of egg shells leading to our outdoor area and the baby dinosaur had gone. We searched for clues outside and when we looked in the classroom mummy dinosaur was there again! Mummy dinosaur had left us a letter thanking us for looking after her egg and that she was glad she has a baby back. 

We have had an amazing day and the children have been amazing!

Dinosaur Diet

Today we have been learning about what dinosaurs used to eat! We talked about how some are meat eaters, plant eaters and some greedy dinosaurs eat plants and meat. We then learnt the words: herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. We are very good at using these words!

After we learn all about the dinosaurs diet we did some very exciting activities! We were scientist and investigated dinosaur poo. We had to work out whether it had come from a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore and write labels to match. We then used magnifying glasses to record interesting facts about the poo. 

We have been busy making dinosaur teeth too! We looked at how the dinosaurs had different shaped teeth depending on their diet. We then made salt dough to make different dinosaur teeth. 

We have also been doing independent dinosaur writing, diet colouring sheets and playing in the dinosaur tuff spot. We have had a very exciting morning!

Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs

This week we are looking at the book 'Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs'. We have read part of the story so far and we stopped at a cliff hanger... we can't wait to see what happens next!

This morning we arrived school to a beach in the middle of our carpet! We noticed there was a bottle washed up on the sand. We talked about what might be in the bottle and when we looked we found a note from Tom. He needed our help to find Katy!

We talked about how to help Tom and we decided to write back to him. We have spent the morning the writing our replies and we have also been making hot air balloons just like Tom's. 

Dinosaur Habitat

Well done Sheep Class for producing such fantastic homework! I have been very impressed with all of the habitats. You were all very proud of your creations and you all told me that you enjoyed completing this activity with your families. You are all super stars!

Dinosaur Egg

It has been a very exciting Monday morning in Sheep Class! This morning we went outside onto the playground to hunt for dinosaur pictures and key words to describe them, we enjoyed the hunt lots. When we came back into the classroom we found a dinosaur egg!! We have been thinking about where it came from and what we should do with it. We also thought about what might be inside the egg, we think it could be a dinosaur.

The children have then made signs for the egg's mummy so that she knows we have her egg and we are keeping it safe, the children's independent writing is amazing. The children have also been writing sentences and drawing pictures, predicting what might be inside the dinosaur egg. We have had a super morning in Sheep Class!


What a busy Wednesday afternoon! We have been learning about celebrations, on Wednesday we found out that Hindus celebrate the festival of light. We looked at some of the traditions around this celebration. We went outside and we drew Rangoli patterns using chalk, we drew Mendi patterns on hand prints and we made clay diva lamps!

We had such a lovely afternoon doing all of these activities - thank you Miss Walton.

Friday Disco!

What a fantastic week in Sheep Class! The children have been absolute superstars and are an absolute pleasure to teach. They put a smile on my face everyday, they are amazing!

On a Friday we have a disco to celebrate all of our fabulous learning throughout the week! We put pop songs on, turn the lights off and the disco lights on! Then we have a boogie. We had such a good time and we can't wait to do this every Friday.

Monday 8th March

It is so nice to have Sheep Class back in the classroom, they have been absolute super stars today!

We have enjoyed playing lots of dinosaur activities, including dinosaur messy play, dinosaur painting and digging for dinosaur fossils and bones. As well as lots of other activities!


Christmas Performance - 2020

Over the past few weeks, Sheep Class have been working extremely hard learning Makaton, Christmas songs and a Baby Hunt story - to retell. 

Yesterday, the children performed and they were FANTASTIC! Myself, Miss. Walton and Mrs. Gascoyne were extremely proud of each and every one of them, for their hard work and determination. 

Below you will find:

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - Makaton.

Hush! There's a Baby - Singing.

We're Going on a Baby Hunt - Story retell.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - A well-deserved dance!

Individual photos of the children. 

Jack the Elf - Day Four

Jack is still missing and we can't find him anywhere! Today, we put on our detective glasses and went hunting for clues. We decided to create some missing posters, in the hope that someone will have seen Jack. 

Jack the Elf - Day Three


When we noticed our classroom was a mess and wasn't how we left it, we decided to check the CCTV; only to notice that some Reindeers had broken in and were having a party in our classroom!

We can't find Jack anywhere!!

Jack the Elf - Day Two

Oh no! When the children arrived at school this morning, Jack had been captured. The jungle animals couldn't work out how to rescue Jack and needed the children's help. 

Magical Beanstalk ft Jack the Elf!

In English, we have been looking at Jack and the Beanstalk. We wanted to know if we could grow our own magical beanstalk and wondered what would be at the top of ours. 

When we checked on our beanstalk a week ago, it had only just started growing and it had grew lots of colourful glitter.

Well... we were all in for a shock this morning, when we found a six foot magical beanstalk, with Jack the Elf trying to escape from it! 

Jack wrote the class a letter, explaining that he had found the greedy Giant with lots of chocolates and said he would share them with the class, if they kept him safe! Jack had three simple rules though, the children weren't too sure on rule number 3!

Bronze Badge Award

A huge well done to these children, who received their Bronze Award this morning. Today, these wonderful children have not lost any Golden Time over the last 10 weeks and have been awarded their bronze badges and special bronze award pencils. Well done you little superstars!

Children in Need 2020

We had lots of fun in the classroom today, taking part in lots of Pudsey Bear activities. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed going on a Pudsey maths hunt, seeing how many Pudsey Bear's they could find and record on their ten frames.

They also had lots of fun with the pasta and making a giant Pudsey head.

The children each decorated their own Pudsey mask and they all looked fab!

Remembrance Day - Wednesday 11th November 2020

Today we held a two minutes silence for those who fought in the First World War and paid our respects in remembering the armed forces members.

In addition to this, the children decorated their own poppies - they all worked so hard in making their poppies perfect and they look beautiful displayed outside our classroom. 

Our display is made up of the children's own hands, holding their poppy creations.  

Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

After discussing the importance of staying safe around fireworks, not just on Bonfire Night but at all times, the children were let loose and went crazy with the paints, glitter and sequins! They created some fantastic fireworks pictures. 

Black History Week - Usain Bolt

In reception, we have been learning all about Usain Bolt.

We discussed where Usain was born and had a look on the map, to see how far away it was from England. We then looked into his childhood and discovered that if he didn't become a sprinter, he would have loved to have been a fast bowler, in cricket.

The children loved learning all about Usain Bolt and enjoyed painting a flag of Jamaica. The learned that the flag is split into three different colours:

Black - To represent the people.

Green - To represent the crops.

Gold (not yellow) - To represent the sun. 

From learning all about Usain, we wanted to see who our fastest sprinter was in Sheep class.

We dusted off our running trainers, posed like Usain and ran as fast as we could! The scores are in, the fastest sprinter in an outstanding 4.16 seconds (to run the length of the school hall) is... Archie! 

Although we could only have one winner, we decided that we're all winners in something and created our own Olympic Gold Medals.

Subitising Walk

 This week, the children went on a 'Super Subitising Superhero' walk, with Miss. Walton. Subitising is having the ability to recognise a number of objects in a small group, without needing to count them. The children headed off on their walk around school, recognising objects of one, two and three. Placing their superhero capes on and grabbing their number viewers, the children were able to pick out and recognise objects between one and three. They did a FANTASTIC job!

Nature Walk

We went on a nature walk, looking at and adding simple materials to our vases. We used our fine motor skills to thread the materials through the holes, in our vases. We looked at some beautiful flowers, leaves and weeds. We noticed that the leaves were changing colour and discussed the change in seasons. 

First Day in Reception - Thursday 3rd September 2020

The children have had a lovely first day in Sheep Class. Myself and Miss. Walton are super proud at how well they all arrived into school and settled in for the day.

We began our day receiving our Golden Tickets - from Willy Wonka. We then headed off on a chocolate adventure around our classroom and outdoor area; we found lots of yummy chocolate coins!

We were all very excited at 11:40, when we could eat our lunch! The children made sure that they tried everything, even their vegetables!

To remember our first day in Reception, we posed for a photo with our funky frame.