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White Post Farm

We had a great time at White Post Farm! We got to feed goats and sheep in the fields, as well as see the cows, pigs, horses and alpacas. We also got to do some animal handling. We got to touch a bearded dragon, millipede and snake. We then got to hold guinea pigs, rabbits and mice. It was so exciting handling the animals but we made sure to be very sensible so that we did not scare them. We also got to see some lambs and kids in the barn, as well as chickens! We all enjoyed our packed lunches and the delicious treats our grown-ups had packed for us. What a fantastic day! We were so tired on the bus back, we even had some children fall asleep.

I am so incredibly proud of Sheep Class! They were so well behaved and were so kind to all of the animals. Well done Sheep Class. 

Safari Walk

Today, we have been on a safari! We went outside with our binoculars and used our senses to see if we could see, hear or smell any animals near by. On our walk, we heard parrots, zebras, elephants and lions. We used our imaginations to talk about what we could see. It was really hot on our safari so we finished our walk playing in the watering hole. We enjoyed splashing each other and rolling around in the water. 

Back in the classroom, we got into pairs and we drew safari maps for the rest of the school. We worked so hard on our maps and thought carefully about our drawings and the labels that we included. 

What a great morning exploring!


We have started planting now that the weather is getting warmer. First, we dug up all of the weeds in the planter and made sure there was enough soil and it was spread evenly around the planter. We then started planting some seeds. We planted radish, carrots, rocket and sunflowers. We are very excited to take care of our seeds and watch them grow!


We have been working on our ball skills in P.E. We have been practising rolling a ball with good control and using an underarm throw with good control. We have then put these skills to use to play Boccia. This is a popular sport in the Paralympic for people that use a wheelchair. We sat down on benches to play the game and we found it tricky to not stand up to roll the ball. We also watched some clips of Boccia being played in the Paralympics. 

Dinosaur Habitat Homework

Wow! What fantastic homework the children have produced. The children were so excited to show off all of the work that they had done at home and they have created such wonderful habitats. Well done Sheep Class! Thank you to the grown-ups for your support. 


We discovered a dinosaur egg this week! We talked about which dinosaur might be inside and wrote some fantastic sentences with our ideas - I am so impressed with the children's writing!

We then wrote some rules that we thought visitors might need to know if they came into our class, e.g. 'Do not touch' and 'The egg is fragile.' We have had the dinosaur egg in our classroom all week and we are so excited to see what happens to it over the next few weeks. 

We have also been on the hunt for pictures of dinosaurs and words to describe them. We looked carefully at the dinosaur features and worked hard to match the words to the correct dinosaur. We then had a go at writing a sentences as a class and then independently. 

Dinosaur Fossils

We have started exploring the question, 'Would a dinosaur make a good pet?'. The children have been really engaged during the first week of our topic and are really keen to learn new things. They have picked up some of our new vocabulary quickly and are already using new words when sharing their own ideas, e.g. 'fragile', 'past' and 'extinct'. 

To start our topic we have been learning about how we know so much about dinosaurs even though they are extinct. The children thought that maybe we had pictures of them but after some discussion we discovered that humans and dinosaurs did not exist together. We then looked at fossils and how they help us to get an idea of what dinosaurs might have looked like and their different features. 

First, we looked at what a fossil is and how they are formed. To do this we carried out an investigation as a class. We took a Pterodactyl skeleton and placed it into a plastic container and pushed salt dough on top - the salt dough acted as rocks and dirt. We then layered sand and soil on top, to show how over time more and more Earth covers the skeleton. When we looked under the container we could see the skeleton was there but it had been pushed into the rocks (salt dough) from the weight of the dirt. 

We then became Palaeontologists and dug up the fossil. We had to be very careful with our tools so that we did not damage the fossil. We then chipped the rock away very carefully to reveal a Pterodactyl fossil! 

We then completed different activities. We made dinosaur skeleton pictures using art straws, we made fossils using dinosaurs and salt dough, we matched pictures of fossils to the correct dinosaurs and even had a fossil tuff spot where we could dig up our own fossils and decided which dinosaur they belonged to. 

What a great start to our dinosaur topic! We now have a good understanding of how we know about dinosaurs.

World Book Day

What fabulous costumes the children wore on World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day, we read the story Elmer and then did some different activities based around the book. We decorated Elmer ears using water colour paints, designed our own funky patterns on Elmer, followed step-by-step instructions on how to draw an elephant, as well as a colour by numbers subitising game to colour Elmer's patchwork pattern. We then had a visit from Mrs Bird, she read the story 'The Gingerbread Man' and we all got to eat a tasty gingerbread man. What a great day! 

Science morning

We had a great science morning! We have completed a range of activities this morning, all practising different skills. We have been classifying mini-beasts into 'wings' and 'no wings', we have made magnet mazes, sent cars down a ramp with different materials, made putty, looked at floating and sinking and reversible and irreversible changes. 

We used our science skill to predict and record in our floating and sinking activity. 

Visit from a vet

We were very lucky to have a visit from a vet! Vet Tamara came to school to tell us all about her job at the vets. She talked to us about how vets assess if an animal is poorly and the treatments they might use. She showed us a fluid bag that they use to give animals medicine and she also showed us how to bandage an injured animal - there are three layers of bandages and each layer has a different job! We got to ask lots of questions and we also got to use a stethoscope. Vet Tamara then stayed and helped us to assess our injured animals and bandage them up. Thank you vet Tamara! We loved your visit and lots of us want to be vets when we grow up!

Visit from a nurse

We were very lucky to have a visit from a nurse! Nurse Chloe came to school to tell us all about her job at the hospital. She answered our questions and she even showed us some basic first aid. She showed us how to use a bandage and a sling and how to put someone in the recovery position. Nurse Chloe then stayed with us after our chat to play doctors and nurses and help us apply bandages and slings. Thank you nurse Chloe! We really enjoyed your visit and we learnt lots. Lots of us want to be nurses when we grow up!

Fire Fighters 

Today we have been learning all about fire fighters! We have read a story about a fire fighter and we have been busy doing lots of activities. We have been making fire fighter hats with Miss Hilton, colouring pictures, dressing fire fighters, playing with the fire station and putting a fire out with water sprayers. We have also been exploring the number nine as we have been learning that you should phone 999 if there is an emergency. 

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We looked at the story of Jade the Emperor and how the animals took the position in the Chinese New Year. We found out that this year is the year of the tiger. We made dragon masks, dragon buildings and did a dragon dance, the children created their own Chinese music using drums and tambourines.


Today we read the story Supertato! We then spent the day making our very own Supertato. We used pipe cleaners for the arms and legs and felt for the mask and superhero belt. It is important that every superhero has a disguise! 

We will be spending the next two weeks doing lots of learning around the Supertato story.

Christmas Party Day

We have had a fantastic party day! This morning when we arrived at school, we found Lolly had delivered a present for all of us – we were super excited! We then spent the morning completing Christmas activities in the classroom. In the afternoon we played party games and had party food. We played: musical statues, musical bumps, four corners and pass the parcel! The children were super well behaved and they all enjoyed the day. 

Lolly the Elf and the Gingerbread Man

Lolly the Elf has been up to mischief again! After lunch, we found Lolly covered in flour, trying to make gingerbread men. He had a letter from Santa telling us that his gingerbread men had run away and he needed help to make some more. We then watched our CCTV camera to see the gingerbread men running through our classroom - we couldn't believe it!

We then spent the afternoon making gingerbread men. We enjoyed eating them during snack time and we are excited to leave the rest for Santa!


The children did so well in their performance to the school today. They are so excited to perform for you all on Friday!

Lolly the Elf

We have had a special visitor arrive in Sheep Class this week, Lolly the Elf! He entered our class through his special elf door with a Christmas tree and a special note for Sheep Class. Today, he decorated our tree with toilet paper! We can't wait to see what he gets up to over the next few weeks.

The Polar Regions

We have really enjoyed learning about the Polar Regions. We have had some exciting English lessons which included a visit from a penguin and a letter from a polar bear! The children have produced some amazing writing during these lessons. We have also been learning about Inuits and igloos and taking part in lots of creative activities. 

We also carried out a science investigation to see how we could melt the ice quickest, e.g. coffee, tea, salt and sand.

Black History Week

This week we have been taking part in lots of different activities to celebrate black history. We have been learning about Africa and learnt some interesting facts about the environment in Africa, the animals that you find in Africa and some of the famous land marks. We have tried different fruits commonly grown in Africa, made African masks, taken part in African dancing and made African drums.

We are learning about Matthew Henson towards the end of the week.


This week we have taken part in lots of Halloween activities! We have carved a pumpkin as a class, we all had a go at scooping the seeds out of the pumpkin. We have also been enjoying Halloween activities during activity time, including: decorating witches wands, making potions in the water tray and counting spiders in the maths area. 

In our funky finger sessions this week we had a Halloween theme. We did dough disco to Halloween music, cut up wiggly worms for the witch's soup, got spiders out of the spider web and made marks in slug slime.

Funky Fingers

We have started funky finger sessions and the children really enjoyed their first session! The idea of these sessions are to: promote fine motor skills, support hand writing skills through fine motor strength and control and give the children the opportunity to repeatedly practice fine motor skills in a fun way. 

In our first session the children completed five activities: dough disco, porridge oats messy play, tomato ketchup messy play, threading beads and picking up pompoms with tweezers. 

I was so impressed with the children's behaviour and engagement during such a structured session. All of the children were on task and working hard on their fine motor skills. The children particularly enjoyed boogying during Dough Disco and taking part in the messy play activities.