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    • Koalas
    • Koalas
      Silverscreen Pictures
    • Koalas
    • Giraffes
      Year 5 - We have had a fabulous time at the National Space Centre today and have learnt a lot to get us started on our new topic!
    • Year 4 Forest School
      History in the Woodland
    • Year 5 - Assembly
      We really enjoyed showing everyone our Greek learning today.
    • Elephants- creative homework
      A massive thank you to all the children (and parents) who completed our pre-learning task.
    • Dadding About
      Yesterday some of our male relatives came to school to take part in the 'Dadding About' project with their children.
    • Year 5 - Rope making
      Giraffes - During our study of Alfreton, for local history week, we discovered that a popular industry in the past was rope making; so we decided to give it a go ourselves.
    • Giraffes - A reply to our letters
      Giraffes - The children of Giraffe class (and Mrs. Marshall) were very excited to receive a special letter in the post today!
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