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    • Dodgeball League: Latest Update
      After yet another exciting night of dodgeball, Payback retained their lead at the top of the league after beating second place Default Gang.
    • Year 6: TT Rockstars
      The school have purchased TT Rockstars - software to help the children learn their timestables - and I would like the children to start playing at home.
    • Year 6 Forest School session TOMORROW - Friday
      Please bring you Forest School kit as normal tomorrow.
    • FOS: School Disco
      The Valentine's Disco takes place next Tuesday (12th February) and tickets go on sale tomorrow.
    • Meerkats David Nieper Enterprise Morning
      This morning the Marvellous Meerkats visited David Nieper Academy for an enterprise activity with lots of other year 2 pupils from surrounding schools.
    • Eco Poster Winners
      These children have designed the winning entries of our Switch Off Poster campaign
    • Dodgeball League: Week 10 Update
      It was a good week for Payback 2.0 as a 5-0 win took them back to the top of the league.
    • Dragons Sound Exploration
      This week in science, we have been exploring how sound works through vibrations. We looked at the vibrations made by a range of instruments. It was very interesting but very noisy!
    • Dragons - Layers of the Earth
      In geography, we have been learning about the layers of the earth: the inner core, the outer core, the mantle and the crust. We made our own playdough and then fashioned it into model of the earth. Then we cut them in half to reveal all of the layers.
    • Nursery - Forest School
      Nursery will be visiting Forest school on Thursday 14th February.
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