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Monday 26th April saw the year 6 children finally take part in Bikeability. Fortunately for them, the weather was set fair and there was absolutely no reason to cancel. I am pleased to say that the children all passed their bikeability level 2 and will be receiving their certificates and badges shortly. Congratulations to each and everyone of them. Below are a selection of photos taken throughout the day. 


On Thursday 10th December, the Year 6 children took part in a DARE graduation. It was to celebrate all of the work they have completed during the 10 week period. It was carried out in the form of a class Assembly. First of all, we listened to two DARE Reports.

The next part of the assembly saw the children share their favourite lesson from DARE. 

After that, the children shared something that they wanted to do in the future based on learning from the unit. 

Then we had a few words from Mrs Beale - our teacher for the DARE programme. Click on the link to access the kind words from Mrs Beale. 

Finally, the children were presented with their certificates. Congratulations to all of them for successfully completing the DARE programme.  


Below is a copy of every child's DARE report. Due to GDPR, I have not attached their names to their report, however, your child should be able to tell you which report is theirs. 


During anti-bullying week, the children created posters that were submitted for the school's anti-bullying competition. These posters are usually created at home, however, due to coronavirus, they were completed in school. Therefore, as a class, we thought it would be nice to share them with our parents. Please ask your child to point out their work. 


"Bikeability will happen no matter what the weather." said Mr Walmsley time and time again to the children in Year 6. However, he was wrong! The rain was so bad that it was called off by the Bikeability people and spare clothes brought in by many parents. Fortunately for us, some of the moments have been captured on camera thanks to Mrs Horner! 

P.E - GOLF (inc. Black History Week)

Our P.E topic last half term was Golf. Throughout the unit of word we learnt how to drive the ball, chip the ball and putt the ball. Within our topic on Europe, we had learnt about the Ryder & Solheim Cup and decided to use this to create a drive, chip and putt competition where the children split into two teams and had played individual and pairs games within those teams.

During the final week of the half term, we also learnt about Tiger Woods for Black History week - this was a nice link to our learning about golf.  


One of our science topics last half term was circuits. Within the unit, we carried out a range of activities do do with circuits and had all the equipment out to plan and carry out an investigation. Here are some of the photos from our lesson. 


Over the first few days of the year, the children created some pop art faces as part of a one-off art project. We looked at pop art and the way some of their faces were portrayed. They were then given half a photo of themselves and were asked to complete their face in the pop art style. 

I am pleased to say that the work has come out very well with the only downside being they couldn't use felt tip pens to make the primary colours stand out more.

All of the children have been given a merit for their work and it will be displayed all year outside the Year 6 classroom and for all to see on the school yard. 


Friday 11th September saw the children take part in a Top Trumps Competition as part of their Big Question work. It was a lovely day therefore we went outside to complete the activity. Children were initially split into four groups for the 1st match which was used to determine the groups for the final. The children with the most cards went into group 1 which would determine the winner of the class competition. After a hard fought battle between all of the contenders using the Sharks Top Trump cards, Maya was the winner. Congratulations to Maya and the winners of the other groups. 

Below are some photos taken during the event.