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Friday 24th May - Elmer Day

We celebrated Elmer Day by dressing up in colourful clothes and taking part in lots of different activities!

Please take a look at our photos below!

If you would like to find out more information about Elmer Day or would like to watch the story of Elmer the elephant, please click on the links below!

Thursday 30th April - Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle

 The children have been working really hard with their early writing skills. We develop our gross motor skills first using our flipper flappers and complete dances to help with the moves we need for writing. We then transfer these movements on to paper.

Take a look at some of our writing from Dance 4 - Hump.

Fabulous Phonics

Our older children (N2) are all working really hard at their phonic skills.They have all been learning the sounds m, a, s, d, t, and i. 

The Gorilla Group children have even been learning how to write down the letters that make those sounds.

Take a look at our fantastic letter formation and writing skills!

If you would like to hear how to say the sounds, please click on the Read, Write Inc. picture below.

W.C. Monday 16th April - Magic Maths!

 The children have worked really hard to learn about and make repeating patterns. They each chose two colours and made sure they repeated them to make an ABABAB repeating pattern.

The children were even able to help each other and correct the pattern if they spotted a mistake!

Have a go at making repeating patterns at home! You can use anything you may have lying around the house e.g fork, knife, fork, knife!

Have fun!

W.C. Monday 25th March - Easter Week

 We have had an eggs-tremely busy week this week! We have been learning all about Easter and taking part in lots of Easter activities!

We took part in some Easter baking, where every child had the chance to make an Easter crispie cake! The children ate their cakes at snack time!

The children were very egg-cited to have a visit from the Easter Bunny, who hid lots of chocolate eggs all around Nursery. They used team-work skills to find all of the eggs!

The children also took part in an Easter bonnet parade! The children worked hard at home to design and make their Easter bonnets. We walked around school to show off their hard work!

Some children even took part in the annual egg decorating competition! All of the entries were amazing!

We have also been learning songs and rhymes about Easter! Click on the link to sing along to our Easter song!

A big thank you to all children and their parents for contributing to this week and for making it a lot of fun for the children! We hope you have a fantastic Easter break and look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Happy Easter!

Egg Model competition

Easter Bonnet Parade

Easter Baking

Easter Egg Hunt

Monday 11th March - Big Question Update

What happened to Jack's Beans?

 The children have been learning about growing.

We planted some beans and found out what they needed to grow healthily. Plants need light, heat, soil and water.

Every child planted a bean and have been observing the daily changes.

We were so excited to spot that our beanstalks have started to grow! First we saw the roots appearing through the bottom of the pot and then we saw a green shoot appear!

Mr. Walmsley planted a bean and put lots of water in it! We are going to see what happens. Do you think his beanstalk will grow?

Take a look at our photos!

Thursday 7th March - World Book Day

 We celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favourite book characters. All of our children looked amazing! Well done every one.

Every child received a book voucher to spend on a new book. Happy reading!

Our fantastic Nursery Children
Our fantastic Nursery Children

Tuesday 13th February - Pancake Day

Today we learned about Shrove Tuesday!

We learned how to make pancakes and all helped to make some!

Mrs Beresford and Mrs Bird tossed the pancakes in to the air!

We chose different toppings to put on our pancakes. They were delicious!

We read a story called Mr. Wolf's Pancakes. If you'd like to listen to the story click on the link below!

Take a look at some of our photos from today!

Friday 9th February - Chinese New Year

The children learned about Chinese New Year. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon!

We made our own puppet dragons and learned about the other animals too! We watched the stroy of how the years were names after the animals.

If you would like to find out more about Chinese New Year, please click on the links below.

Friday 2nd February

The children took part in a food tasting today! The children have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and wanted to try some yummy, scrummy porridge!

The children observed closely as the porridge was cooked and noticed changes. The porridge went from being dry to being sticky!

The children chose what they wanted on top of their porridge! Some chose sugar and some chose honey!

Most children liked the porridge and asked for more!

Take a look at our photos from the food tasting session.

Thursday 1st February - Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle

 The children have been working really hard with their early writing skills. We develop our gross motor skills first using our flipper flappers and complete dances to help with the moves we need for writing. We then transfer these movements on to paper. Take a look at some of our writing from Dance 2 - Wiggle.

If you want to join in at home you could click on the Youtube link to see Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle in action!

Thursday 11th January - Maths

We are so impressed with our children! We have been working really hard to form numbers correctly!

The children have been amazing and really wanted to make me proud!

Take a look at our number lines to 5!

All of the children are super stars!

Monday 8th January - Dough Disco

We have been working really hard on our Dough Disco!

Dough Disco is a popular fine motor skill exercise which we take part in 3 times a week. We use dough disco to improve our brain and muscle development.

Dough Disco helps to strengthen the muscles in our hands and fingers and will help us to be great writers when we are older.

We also have lots of fun too!

To see our information booklet for parents, please click on the Dough Disco image.

Monday 18th December - Nursery Christmas Party

We had a fantastic time celebrating Christmas! The Nursery children were invited to watch the magnificent Joey, who made us laugh with his magic tricks!

The children were surprised to have a visit from Santa and all received a present from him.

The children then enjoyed a party feast! We listened to Christmas music and wore our party hats! 

Take a look below to see what we got up to!

Tuesday 12th December - Our Nursery Nativity 2023

Please click on the picture below to watch our Nursery Nativity! We hope you enjoy it!

(Please note that this is a secure temporary link for parents and families and cannot be found by searching)

Tuesday 12th December - Nursery Nativity Cast

Every nursery child was amazing in our Nativity concert. Every child had a part to play and were brilliant! They were all able to get on the stage in front of an audience and perform their part! Take a look at our cast below.

Nursery's Search for Santa!!

We had lots of fun making a video with Mr. Pepper! We went on an adventure to find Santa Claus. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Friday 17th November - Children In Need

 A huge thank you to all of our children and parents who took part in our Spotty Day for Children In Need and donated towards this amazing cause.

Please take a look at some of our spotty outfits!

Friday 27th October - Halloween Dress-Up Day

 Our children looked amazing in their scary costumes!

We had a fantastic time dressing up for Halloween and taking part in lots of Halloween activities.

Have a fantastic half term break everyone!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday 26th October - Halloween Fun

 We have had some super spooky fun today with our Halloween activities! The children have loved exploring pumpkins and squidgy spaghetti worms! They have enjoyed making potions using test tubes and flasks!

Please take a look at our photos to find out what else our children have been doing to learn about Halloween.

Monday 16th October - Art Day

 The children were very lucky to have a visit from Miss. Walton, our school's art coordinator. Miss. Walton is very passionate about art and highly skilled too! She worked with the children to create a piece of art work in the style of a famous artist - Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The children used pastilles to decorate a crown. Then they used paint to create a mono-print on a screen using a window scraper.

The children made patterns in the paint using their fingers and then pressed their coloured crown down to create the print.

I hope you will agree that their finished crowns look amazing!

A big thank you to Miss. Walton for working with us.

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Jean-Michel Basquiat

Tuesday 10th October - World Mental Health Day

The children worked together to colour a picture. Every child in the school was involved in decorating the pages of the picture. The pages will be put together to make a larger picture and will be displayed in the school corridor.

The children learned about the importance of working together and the need to be kind to others. The children discussed how "sad" feels and we talked about some things we could do to make ourselves feel better when we are sad.

Please take a look below to view our children working together.

Monday 2nd October - Marvelous Maths

The children have been learning about numbers and how numbers can be represented. We looked at the numbers 1,2,3. We represented them using numicon pictures and tried to show the different amounts on our fingers.

The children were really good and we were very proud of them.

Take a look at our slideshow below! Can you say what number is being represented?

July 2023 - Play Area Renovations!

 We are so excited to share with you our new Nursery play area! We have had the whole area resurfaced, with a child friendly, bouncy material. We have had a green section with a road, for the children to drive around and a blue area to look like the sea. We love our new, colourful play area and the children think it looks amazing! We hope you like it as much as we do! 

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