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Sport Inclusion Activities 

For our P.E session this afternoon, we were very lucky to participate in an inclusion session from Bolsover District School Sports Partnership. We spent the session learning how to play a variety of inclusive games, including Table Cricket, Seated Volleyball and Boccia. Koalas thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and working together as a team. Take a look at some photos from the session below! 

Pre Learning Task - Egyptian Pyramids 

Over the Easter Break, I had asked the class to build their own Egyptian Pyramid models. Myself and other members of staff have been very impressed with the fantastic creations the children had created. The attention to detail was excellent and the children enjoyed sharing how they had made their pyramids to their peers! They should be very proud of themselves and a huge thank you to parents/carers for helping your child with this project. Take a look at the superb pyramids below! well done Koalas!

Our new Silver Badge Achiever! 


A huge congratulations to the following child for achieving their silver badge! Children who have received their silver badges are allowed to play with new toys that have been purchased specifically for this award at play time and lunch time. What an excellent achievement!

Silver Badge Achievers!

A huge congratulations to the following children for achieving their silver badge. To achieve this award, the children have not lost any Golden Time throughout this academic year which is a super achievement! The children who have received their silver badges are allowed to play with new toys that have been purchased specifically for this award at play time and lunch time. Take a look to see who received their silver badges in Koala class below!

Year 4 Easter Egg Hunt! 

This morning, Koalas were very excited to hunt for Easter Eggs on the Playground! They searched high and low to find some delicious chocolate eggs! They all managed to find some eggs and it was lovely to see the children sharing with one another too! Take a look at some shots from the Egg Hunt below!

Easter Baskets

There was loads of excitement in class this afternoon, as Year 4 made their Bunny Baskets ready for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at School! The children had to decorate the template and then cut out and fold the net to make the box shape before gluing it together. They also decided to add a handle and a piece of tissue paper inside to make their baskets look even more creative! They did a super job, take a look at their lovely Bunny Baskets below. Hopefully they will all come home with some sweet treats inside them!

Bronze Badge Winners!

A huge well done to this week's Bronze Badge achievers who have earnt their bronze badges and their special bronze pencil. It was lovely to hear how pleased your class peers were of your achievement too! Well done to both of you!

Koalas have graduated from Forest Schools!

Year 4 have successfully graduated from Forest Schools! The children attended Forest School sessions from September through to December. Despite the cold weather, Koalas thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and have learnt a lot! As their teacher, I really enjoyed observing the confidence that grew with each child over this time period, as well as the variety of activities and jobs we completed during our sessions. Their next block of Forest School sessions with Miss T and Laura will recommence in Year 6. A huge thank you to Miss T for providing Koalas with such a superb learning opportunity and for presenting each child with their own certificate and collection of photos from some sessions! Well done Year 4, you were tree - mendous! Take a look at Koalas achieving their certificates below!

Festive day in Koala class!

Today, the children came to school wearing their festive Christmas jumpers! We spent the morning creating lovely Christmas crafts and spent our lunch time all together enjoying a delicious Christmas Lunch! There is no doubt that the Koalas are ready for Christmas and in the festive spirit! 

Festive Christmas Creations

For our final Forest School session, we spent the morning with Miss T and Laura creating fabulous Christmas Creations. Each child made a snowman and a wreath using raw materials from our woodland. The children's creations were fantastic and we had a very festive morning creating our beautiful masterpieces! Take a look at our hard work below!

Bronze Badge Winners!

A huge well done to this week's Bronze Badge achievers who have earnt their bronze badges and their special bronze pencil. It was lovely to hear how pleased your class peers were of your achievement too! Well done girls!

Christmas is coming!

There is no hiding it, December has officially arrived! To get us all into the Christmas spirit in Koala class, we worked together as a class to put up our Christmas tree. We also had a short discussion about how Christmas may be different for some of us this year and how that made us feel. We also welcomed a new member to our class this week - Jingles the Elf! However, he is currently in self isolating so news on Jingles will follow once he is out of isolation! The children had a lovely afternoon, and as you can see below they were very impressed with the Christmas tree!

Volcano Sketches 

To link in with this term's big question, Koalas sketched some superb drawings of an erupting volcano! Each child took their time and thought carefully about the shape, colour and shading of their volcanoes. I must say that I am very impressed with how their sketches turned out, we have some very talented artists in this class! Take a look at the masterpieces below!

Bronze Award 

A huge congratulations to the following children for achieving their bronze badge award. To achieve this award, the children have not lost any Golden Time over the last ten weeks. They have each been awarded with their bronze badge and a special pencil. Take a look to see who received their bronze badges in Koala class below!

Anti-Bullying week

This week, we have been learning about anti - bullying week and why it is acknowledged nationally. We spent the week discussing about bullying, we looked at social stories and a short presentation about bullying and how it can affect others. During an English session, tying in with learning about poetry, the children wanted to write some poems about Bullying. I was really impressed with their ideas and their rhyming lines! Take a look at our poems below. 

Save Electricity! 

Our Eco Members presented us with an important topic this week - wasting electricity. We had a discussion about ways in which we could save electricity both in School and at home. We then created some posters to inform our fellow peers about the importance of saving electricity and the impact of wasted electricity on our planet. Take a look at our posters below!

Volcano Models

Wow! I must say that myself and Mrs A were thoroughly impressed with the volcano models that the children had created. Each child had the opportunity to explain how they created their masterpieces and the materials they had used. Also, a huge well done and thank you to parents, carers, sisters and brothers for supporting this homework! Each model was fantastic and we had to ask Mrs George to kindly judge the winners! Mrs George found it tricky, but with the help of Mrs. A the winners were: Harvey, Frankie and Sophie for their detailed explanations and the originality of their designs. I am so pleased with all of your models, you all worked extremely hard! The volcano models will be displayed in class throughout half term, please take a look at the masterpieces below!

Our Roman Numeral Song!

To tie in with our topic, we have been learning the Roman Numerals in maths this week. Learning about Roman numerals can be tricky, we so we learnt this song to help us! We also put some actions to the song too! This song has helped us with our maths this week, when trying to learn Roman Numerals up to 100! We hope you enjoy our mini presentation of the song, take a look below!

Black History Week - Simone Biles 

In class this week, we have been learning about the importance of Black History Week and finding out why it is important to learn about it. Each Year group was given a famous black person to research, we had to research Simone Biles - an American Gymnast. This fit in well with our P.E topic for this half term, as we have been learning about Gymnastics! We all had a go at trying to balance on a balancing beam, and some of us even had a go at trying some spins and tricks! We have also been creating fact files about Simone, learning about her life and career as a professional gymnast! We have learnt a lot about Simone Biles, and the children have really enjoyed learning about Black History this week. Take a look at the photos below!

Autumn Walk 

In English today, the children had to produce a piece of descriptive writing all about Autumn. The children came up with some fantastic adjectives and adverbs to describe autumnal scenes! To improve their creative skills further, the children took a walk around the playground to see what they could find to describe in their writing! 

Food Chains 

In science this week, we have been learning about food chains and the different parts of a food chain. The children then had to create their own food chain which had to include a producer, prey and predator. They all came up with some brilliant food chains, and produced these fantastic models! Take a look below! 

Roman Soldiers!

 This afternoon, we have been learning all about Roman Soldiers. We studied the challenging training regime that the soldiers had to encounter, and we looked at the clothing and equipment that Roman soldiers had to wear and use. The children carefully studied the cassis (helmet), body armour, scutum (shield) and the caligae (sandals). They then had a go at dressing up as Roman soldiers and showed their best battle pose, take a look below! 

Aspiration Stars

In class this week, the children have been discussing what they aspire to be when they are older. We spoke about their skills and traits and their hobbies, this encouraged them to think about future jobs and goals. During our indoor Forest School session yesterday, the children wrote their aspiring career onto wooden stars and decorated them. Some aspiring jobs included, footballers (a few of these!), hairdressers, an archaeologist and even a vet! They used paints and acrylic pens to decorate them, and they all did a superb job! I have put the stars on display in the classroom for the children to always look up to and remind themselves of their aspirations! Take a look at the photos below of the children with their stars! 

School Council and Eco Team Applications 

In English this week, the Koalas had to write applications to join the School Council or Eco Team. Once the children had decided which job they were applying for, they then had to write an application stating why they would be suitable for the job. The children also designed posters to support their application! Today the children presented their speeches and we voted as a class to decide who the most suitable candidates were! Myself and Mrs A were very impressed with the speeches delivered and the mottos the children came up with! Well done Koalas! 

Visit our news section to see who we elected as our representatives!

We Are One

During the first week of returning to School, we had a discussion about what we thought was most important to each of us in our lives. The children then worked in pairs and shared what they believed were their own important traits. Koalas then painted their own handprints and wrote what they thought were important to them on the palm of their hands, and wrote their own special traits on their fingers. The children worked really well during this session and I was very pleased with the respect and support they showed one another during this activity.