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Silver award

Well done on receiving your silver badges today! This means that you have gone twenty weeks without losing golden time and you can now play with the silver toys at break and dinner time. Keep it up!

Bronze award

Well done on receiving your bronze badge today. This means that you have gone ten weeks without loosing golden time. Keep up the good work!

Silver award

 Well done to these children who received their silver badge this morning. They have not lost any golden time for twenty weeks!

They can now play with the silver toys at break and dinner time! We are super proud of you!

Silver award

 Well done to these children who received their silver badge this morning. They have not lost any golden time for twenty weeks!

They can now play with the silver toys at break and dinner time! We are super proud of you!

Bronze award

Another fabulous member of Giraffe class received their Bronze badge today! Well done!

Bronze award

Well done on receiving your bronze badge! To achieve this, you must have completed ten weeks without losing any golden time.


As part of our commitment to make sure that children read as much as possible, the staff in key stage 2 have come up with a uniform approach to awarding certificates. It is hoped that this will give reading a boost and encourage children to read more frequently at home.

EVERY child can find something they enjoy reading, it's just a case of finding what genre is right for them!  

The certificates are as follows: 

25 - Bronze / 50 - Silver / 75 - Gold / 100 - Platinum / 150 - Platinum Plus / 200 - Diamond / 300 - Commended / 400 - Outstanding. 

Should you child reach the magical 500, then Mrs George will buy them a book of their choice.

Lockdown Home Learning -January 2021

A huge well done to pupils who have been completing SeeSaw tasks this week and parents who have been supporting them. If we work together any disruption to your child's learning can be kept to a minimum.  I would like to share with you my plans for online learning with Year 3. 

Based on government guidance, the children should have on average, 3 hours of work a day. Remember, we are back in term time now and it is no longer the holiday. With this in mind, we have decided in school that pupils will receive the following education: 

1) A Maths activity every day. 

2) An English activity every day. 

3) At least 1 foundation subject activity every day (eg: art, geography, history etc)

4) 15 minutes reading

5) 15 minutes TT Rockstars

From time to time, other optional activities may be added. If pupils can aim to complete the above each day they will be meeting our Year 3 objectives whilst we cannot be in school. 

Some pupils have sent through pictures on SeeSaw of their reading or screen shots of their Reading Record. If you continue to send these through and record their reading as normal in their record that would be great. Feel free to send through pictures or messages about any extra learning or activities that pupils get up to. Whilst we cannot be in school it is great to see how pupils are getting on and what they are up to. Dojo Master, Star of the Week, merit badges and other class awards will be announced on a Friday morning as they normally would be in class. 

Most SeeSaw tasks have a support video or slideshow which should be viewed before completing the task. This is the teaching bit and if you jump straight to the task without looking at these pupils can get confused about what to do. 

As a school, we will be monitoring work carried out everyday. If the children do not do any work for two consecutive days, we will be carrying out welfare checks on the children. I appreciate, due to other commitments, you may not be able to support your child's learning in normal school hours and they will be completing work later on or at the weekend. If this is the case, could you please inform me so that I know not to worry about them. 

Every other week between now and February half term, we will be doing welfare calls. During these calls, I will hopefully get to speak to the child and yourself and I can see how we are getting on and if there is anything further I can do to support home learning.

Finally, please know that I will do everything in my power to make this as positive an experience for the children as possible but if there is an issue, please contact me through SeeSaw, the school office or email me -  

Thank you for your continued help and support during another difficult period. 

A Christmas present for Giraffe class

 I wanted to share with you a Christmas present that was bought for the whole of Year 3 - Giraffe class.

We have been bought the sponsorship of a family of Giraffes through the Born Free federation.

The Giraffe Family are a herd of rare West African giraffes who live in Niger. As the family's sponsor, we are helping to fund research that provides valuable insights into the behaviour and conservation of giraffes in the wild. We will get regular updates as to how the family is doing.

Thank you very much to Mr. Marshall who bought this thoughtful present for us!

Bronze award

 Well done to these children who received their bronze badges and special pencils today. They achieved ten weeks without missing any Golden Time!

Bronze award

Well done to the children who received their Bronze award this morning. These children have not lost any Golden Time over the last ten weeks and were awarded with their Bronze badge and special pencils. What superstars!

Below is the long term plan for year 3. This is what we will be covering over the year.