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Summer 1

Our Big Question for this half term is a history focused question, 'Was everything in the Stone Age made of stone?' These are the learning challenges we will be completing each week to help us answer this question...

Sticky vocabulary

We will be learning the meaning of these words in relation to our science Big Question, but also looking at if these words can be used in other subjects too.

Knowledge organiser

Below is the knowledge organiser for this half term which contains lots of information about what your child will be learning in relation to our Big Question. A paper copy has also been sent home with your child.

Medium term plan

Planning information for the next half term can be found in the below document. It contains detailed information about what will be taught in each subject.

Class timetable

Spring 2

Spring 1

Autumn 2

Autumn 1

Long term plan

The long term plan shows how the curriculum will be covered over the year and when each topic will be taught. Each half term, a medium term plan is created with more detail about each subject.