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Autumn 2- Why are humans not like tigers?

In Science this week we have been learning about the structure of animals. Earlier in the week, we used potatoes to print an animal and then today we have labelled our creations using key vocabulary. We made monkeys, giraffes, tigers and birds. I am sure you will agree we have created some super work. Take a look at some pictures below.

Science investigation- Carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?

Today in our Science lesson we learnt about the diet of different animals. We learnt three super words- carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. We then completed an investigation. We had three different types of poo to examine. We had to look and decide which poo sample belonged to a herbivore, which belonged to a carnivore, and which belonged to an omnivore. We recorded our answers really well and even challenged ourselves to think about which animals they could be from. Take a look at some pictures below.

Dear Zoo books-

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been completing English work based on the text 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell. We ended the unit by creating our own versions of the book and they are absolutely fantastic! This morning we visited the nursery class to share our stories. They did super listening, enjoyed our stories and could recognise the animals in our pictures. What super authors you are Elephant class! Take a look at some pictures below.

Forest school-

We have had a fantastic afternoon at forest school! First, we used our map skills that we have been practicing in Geography to find our way around the animal park and find ten hidden tigers. Then we learnt all about how Miss Thompson looks after the forest school animals. We decided they were tame animals not wild as they rely on others to look after them. We then went into the woodland and created our own big tiger using natural materials, discussing the structure of a tiger as we did it. Finally we had a treat- we roasted marshmellows on the campfire, made smores and drank hot chocolate. What a wonderful afternoon! Take a look at some pictures below.


This afternoon as part of our 'Animals including humans' unit in Science we learnt all about the parts of the human body. We sang songs to remember them, thought about what each body part helped us to do and then we went outside to draw and label our own human bodies. We did a super job! Take a look at some pictures below.

Pre-learning task

For this term's pre-learning task. children had to create a 3D craft of an animal you would find in a zoo. The effort put in by children and parents was fantastic so a big thank you. You are a very creative bunch! All children have received merits for their work. Take a look at some pictures below.

Fun phonics-

Yesterday afternoon in fun phonics we focused on the split digraph 'a_e, make a cake' We learnt lots of new vocabulary and then made a_e snakes with our words on. Take a look at some pictures below.

Pirate film-

At the end of last half term, we had Adam Pepper in class teaching us about pirates through film. We ended the day by creating our own pirate film! Most of you had the opportunity to watch the film during our parent workshops but I have uploaded it below for those who haven't yet seen it. Enjoy!

Fun phonics- ire

With bonfire night approaching, this afternoon in our fun phonics lesson we focused on the trigraph 'ire- fire fire.' We created beautiful firework pictures using chalks and then added our 'ire' words. Take a look at some pictures below.

Parent workshops-

We have loved having parents in with us this morning! We demonstrated what a phonics lesson looks like in Year One, we played a selection of phonics games which included silly glasses, dancing and magnifying glasses and we ended the session watching our pirate film with popcorn. Thank you to all of the parents who engaged- we can't wait for the next one!

Autumn 1- What would life be like as a pirate?

Phonics pet treat- pyjama day

We are so proud of the Elephants! 100% of them have completed all of their phonics pet homework this half term. As a treat the children came dressed in their pyjamas today. This afternoon we got our our blankets and teddies, drank hot chocolate with marshmellows, ate snacks and played board games. Take a look at some pictures below.


Today, in our final Geography lesson of this half term we learnt all about Wales and its capital city- Cardiff. We started our lesson with some map work. Over this half term, we have become very familiar with using maps and atlases to find different places. We noticed that Wales is smaller than England but bigger than Northern Ireland. After some map work we learnt about famous landmarks in Wales- Mount Snowdon, Caernarfon Castle, Principality Stadium and Menai Bridge. At our tables we completed some activities which included writing fact files, decorating the Welsh flag, eating welsh cakes and building Mount Snowdon. We have loved our Geography lessons on the UK this half term! Take a look at some pictures below.


Take a look at us using glockenspiels! We learnt that they are a tuned instrument and we explored playing different notes. We then used the note 'C' to play along to the song we have been learning- Hey You!


In our final Art lesson this half term we learnt about primary colours and how we can use these to make secondary colours. We then took inspiration from the painting 'Numbers in colour' by Jasper Johns and created our own versions mixing primary colours as we painted our creations. Not only was our Art work super, but so was our number formation! Take a look at some pictures below.

Pirate Party Day-

Yesterday we had a fantastic pirate party day. As the children arrived at school, they walked the plank and tried to avoid being eaten by the crocodile! Once in school they learnt some pirate sayings including ‘Avast ye’ where they all stood to attention. In the morning they learnt all about the parts of a pirate ship and worked together to make their own ship in the hall. The children were fantastic at using key vocabulary such as mast, stern and rigging. They then looked at famous pirate portraits and used their ideas to create their own.. They used  sketching pencils and oil pastels. After lunch, it was pirate party time! They ate pirate ship hot dog boats, cheesy cannonballs, dead men fingers and peg legs. They played party games and won pirate prizes! To end the day, they watched the trailer of our pirate film- they can’t wait to see the full film after half term. What a fantastic day full of fun! Thank you to all the parents for your effort with their costumes. Take a look at some pictures below.

Adam Pepper day-

We have had a fantastic day with Adam Pepper! This morning we expanded our knowledge of pirates using the film Treasure Island to help us. We also completed some lovely English work using adjectives. This afternoon we dressed up as pirates and created our own pirate film! This will be ready for us to watch after half term. Take a look at some pictures below.


In Music this half term we have been completing work around the song 'Hey You.' The song is written in old school hip-hop style and we have used it to learn about differences between pulse, rhythm and pitch. Take a look at us performing the rap below!


In Art this afternoon we applied our knowledge of lines and created waves in groups inspired by the work of Zaria Forman. We listened to water music (Claude Debussy's La Mer) and used a range of media to create our wave art. Take a look at some pictures below.

Art- Lines

This week in Art we explored line using the work of Bridget Riley as a stimulus. We used string, pencil and chalk to create a variety of lines. The different type of lines we learnt were vertical, horizontal, diagonal, wavy and crosshatch. We created some fantastic work as usual! Take a look at some pictures below.

Science- How can we make the best coat for Captain Blackbeard?

This afternoon in our Science lesson we decided to investigate which material would be best to make a coat for Captain Blackbeard. We first came up with a criteria for a pirate coat- it has to be comfy, strong to survive pirate battles and waterproof for if waves come overboard. We then worked in pairs to make Blackbeard a coat. Some of us used paper, some plastic and some fabric. We all did a super job! On Monday we will be testing our coats against the criteria and deciding which material would be best.

Art morning-

This morning we were extremely lucky to have Miss Walton in our classroom teaching us all about Van Gogh and helping us recreate his famous picture 'Sunflowers.' We worked together to complete a timeline of the life of Van Gogh, completed observational drawings and mixed watercolour paints to create shade in our paintings. We all had a fantastic time and the work we produced was fantastic. A big thank you to Miss Walton for a super lesson enjoyed by all!

Geography- Scotland

This afternoon in our Geography lesson we learnt all about Scotland and it's capital city Edinburgh. We are getting super at identifying places on maps and enjoy playing fastest finger first. After we had completed some map work we participated in activities based on Scotland. We completed some writing about Edinburgh castle, made the Scotland flag, learnt about animals  at Edinburgh Zoo and (our favourite activity) ate Scottish shortbread whilst drawing the Loch Ness Monster. More super Geography work Elephant class!

Fun Phonics

This afternoon in our fun phonics lesson we focused on the digraph 'ar- start the car.' To help us remember this sound we made shARk hats and decorated fish in 'ar' words for the shark to eat. We have taken these home tonight. Use them to practice reading our 'ar' words!


This afternoon in Art we have created abstract compositions in the style of Piet Mondrian. We experimented placing circles and semi-circles in different formations and we photographed our favourite compositions on the Ipads. We then chose our final design and stuck it down on black card. We all created a unique design and showed what a creative bunch we are. Well done Elephants! Take a look at some pictures below.


Yesterday the Elephants had a very busy Geography afternoon. Now we have learnt the four countries of the United Kingdom, we are learning about the capital city of each country. The first one we learnt about was London. We had a very exciting afternoon taking part in lots of activities- finding London on the England map, learning about London landmarks, writing postcards about Buckingham Palace, sketching the late Queen and making scones with jam and cream! Geography is becoming one of our favourite subjects. Take a look at some pictures below.

Science- How can we make a pirate ship that floats?

This afternoon we received a letter from Anne Bonny (a famous Irish pirate) She told us that her crew wanted to build a new pirate ship however they didn't know which material to use! She asked us to investigate which materials float and which sink. We tested many materials and recorded our findings to report back to Anne.

We then decided to make our own pirate ships to float in the classroom. Although a real ship would not be made from plastic, we chose to use this material for our models as it was one of the materials that floated. We worked in pairs to make some super ships and then sailed them on the water. We love being scientists!



For our first Art lesson we had to draw a self portrait. We made sure we included all the features of a face and thought carefully about their size and positioning. Take a look at some photos below, I am sure you will agree they have done a fabulous job.


This afternoon, we have completed some fantastic Geography work based on the countries of the United Kingdom. First we put on our super searching glasses and explored atlases. We were fantastic at finding the United Kingdom despite it being on a different map to the one we had explored on the carpet! After, we went outside to find lots of outlines of the United Kingdom. We worked in groups to place four labels of the four different countries in the right place and then shaded each one in a different colour with chalk. When we came back inside we completed some work in our books which demonstrated that we know the four countries of the United Kingdom- England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We are looking forward to our next Geography lesson! Take a look at some pictures below.

Phonics treasure hunt!

This morning we found an envelope in the classroom. When we opened it, we were very excited to see that it enclosed a pirate treasure map! We popped on our pirate hats and set sail following clues that lead us to different phonemes and finally a treasure chest full of chocolate coins. We were fantastic pirates and used our phonics and navigation skills brilliantly. Take a look at some pictures below.

'ow, blow the snow'

This morning, we have learnt the digraph 'ow, blow the snow.' We were super at fred talking and blending a wide range of words using this phoneme. We then created posters to practice applying this sound to our writing. Finally we used the blOW painting technique to make our posters colourful. It was definitely a fun and memorable phonics lesson- well done Elephants. Take a look at some pictures below.

'igh-fly high' kites.

We are spending this week's English lessons settling in to the Year One routines and taking part in fun phonics activities. Today our sound was 'igh-fly high.' We were super at decoding words and learnt that 'igh' is a trigraph because it has three letters making one sound. After, we made our own 'igh' kites. Take a look at some pictures below.

Pre-learning task

Wow, what superstars Elephant class are! Over the Summer they were set the pre-learning task to create a pirate using materials of their choice. We have been blown away with their effort and creativity. They are all so different and each child has loved presenting to the class how they made them. Thank you to the parents for all the effort you have put in.



First day-

Well what an amazing first day we have had in Elephant class! Myself and Mrs Booker are so proud of how all the children entered school with enthusiasm and a smile on their faces ready to start the day. It was lovely to hear about the children's summer breaks as well as complete lots of work together. We played pirate bingo, we participated in a fun phonics lesson where we made 'ee, what can you see?' glasses , we represented numbers on treasure chest tens frames and we turned ourselves into pirates! In addition to this , we thought about what we already know about our big question and what we want to find out this term. It is clear from today we are going to have a fantastic year- well done superstars! Take a look at some pictures below.