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Autumn 2- Why are humans not like tigers?

This afternoon we decorated the Christmas tree and we all got a very lovely surprise! Mrs Booker's Mum had knitted us all a decoration. We have popped them on our tree however at the end of this half term we will get to bring them home with a chocolate treat inside. A massive thank you to Mrs Clarke- we are very grateful! Take a look at some pictures below.

Dear Zoo books-

This week we have been busy writing our own versions of Dear Zoo and we definitely give Rod Campbell a run for his money! They are fantastic. This money we visited nursery with our books and shared them with the younger children. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic to share their work. Take a look at some pictures below.

Science- Structure of animals

In Science we have been learning about the structure of animals. To show our understanding we got creative! We potato printed an animal (some tigers, giraffes and monkeys) before adding the finer details and labelling the different parts of their bodies! Take a look at our wonderful work below.

Pre-learning task

For our pre-learning task we were asked to make a 3D sculpture of an animal that you would find in a zoo. We have really gone above and beyond making our  animals and using a wide variety of media. All children who completed the task have been rewarded with merits. Take a look at our amazing creations below.

Parent phonics workshop

We have loved having our parents in this morning for our phonics workshops. We played a variety of games including noughts and crosses, bingo and the cup and pom pom game and made our own 'igh' lights to take home. It was so lovely to see the children learning with their parents. Thank you for your engagement and support. Take a look at some pictures below.

Science- Parts of the body

This afternoon we started our 'Animals including humans' unit in Science by learning about parts of the human body. We used our phonics knowledge to read the different parts and then identified where they were on our bodies. After we went outside to draw and label bodies with chalk- we really enjoyed this! Take a look at some pictures below.

Fun phonics-

It was lovely to see the children return to school today with smiles on their faces eager to learn! This afternoon we had our first fun phonics lesson of the term. We focused on the sound 'aw, yawn at dawn' We applied this sound by writing words on strAWberries and then we made and enjoyed strAWberry milkshakes! Take a look at some pictures below.

Autumn 1- What would life be like as a pirate?

Phonics pet treat- pyjama day!

A massive well done to all of the Elephants- we are so proud of you for completing all of your phonics pet homework this half term. It really does make a difference! As a treat we have had a day in pyjamas and an afternoon of playing games, drinking hot chocolate and eating snacks. Take a look at some pictures below. 

Black History Week- Mary Seacole

We have really enjoyed learning about Mary Seacole as part of our Black History week. Mary Seacole was a Jamaican-born nurse. She went to help in the Crimean war and set up her own hospital to help the soldiers. This was despite people discriminating against her because of her skin colour. We have done some wonderful writing, painted portraits of Mary Seacole, created timelines of her life, thought about hospitals in the past compared to those now and created our own Jamaican flag collages. Take a look at a selection of photos below.

If you would like to find out more about Mary Seacole with your child I would recommend the videos on BBC (the children really enjoyed watching them!)

The life of Mary Seacole - BBC Teach 


Science- Which material would be best to make a coat for Captain Blackbeard?

This week in Science we have been investigating which material would be best to make a coat for Captain Blackbeard. We started by coming up with a criteria for a good pirate coat. We decided it had to be comfy, strong to survive pirate battles and waterproof for if waves came overboard. We then made our own coats using paper, plastic and fabric. This afternoon we have tested how effective they are and came up with the conclusion that fabric would be best! Take a look at some pictures below.

KS1 fun run

We have had a fantastic morning at Heath participating in the KS1 fun run. We joined in with warm up activities and then competed in races against local schools. Our behaviour was excellent and each and every one of us completed the race with a smile on our face. A special mention to the three year one girls who won 1st , 2nd AND 3rd place against all the Year 1 girls from every school. Take a look at some pictures below.

Pirate day

We have had a fantastic pirate day in Elephant class- a huge thank you to parents for providing such wonderful costumes. We started the day with some games of pirate bingo- the children got very competitive! We then learnt about the parts of a pirate ship and went in the hall to make a big pirate ship of our own including the stern, bow, mast, flag, sail and gun ports. After break we looked at some pirate portraits from various artists and then created our own with oil pastels. Some of us decided to give our pirates beards, beads in our hair and even shark tooth earrings. After dinner we learnt about the jobs on a pirate ship and play cherades. We then went in the hall for our party. We ate party food, played games and participated in the pirate olympics! Take a look at some pictures below.

Maths- part whole models

 This morning in Maths we were introduced to part whole models. We use part whole models regularly in Year One to learn about the relationship between numbers. To help us, we used hula hoops and cubes. Take a look at our fantastic work below.

Art morning

We had a fantastic morning with Miss Walton on Friday learning about the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. We learnt about the timeline of his life and then we created a dinosaur 'Pez' using his techniques. We used acrylic paints and chalk paints and included a three-point crown which can be see in many pieces of his work. Take a look at pictures of our fantastic work below. Thank you Miss Walton!

Geography, Scotland-

This afternoon in Geography, we have been learning about another country in the United Kingdom- Scotland. We also learnt that the capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh! We spent the afternoon researching and writing about Edinburgh castle, building mountains as tall as Ben Nevis, drawing the loch ness monster and eating Scottish shortbread! Take a look at some pictures below.

Science, floating and sinking-

The children are really enjoying our unit on materials. They are super at recognising different materials and identifying the material different objects are made from. This week we conducted an investigation to see which materials can float and which sink.  Today we then created our own floating pirate ships out of plastic! Take a look at our pictures below.

Geography, Wales-

This afternoon in our Geography lesson we learnt all about Wales and its capital city- Cardiff. We learnt lots of facts which enabled us to create some fabulous Cardiff fact files. We also had fun creating glitter pictures of the Welsh flag and trying some delicious Welsh cakes. Take a look at some pictures below.

Geography- England

We are really enjoying our Geography lessons in Year One. Last week we did some map work to identify the four countries of the United Kingdom- England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This week we have started learning about capital cities. Today our focus was London. We have had a wonderful afternoon participating in a carousel of activities- writing about the London Eye, drawing the Big Ben, creating pastel portraits of King Charles III and our favourite activity eating scones with cream and jam! Take a look at some pictures below.

Art, observational drawing-

We are really enjoying our Art lessons in Year One. This week, we had to work on our observational drawing. We thought about shape, texture, details and colour and created some wonderful pictures of fruit. Take a look at some pictures below.

Pre-learning task 

Wow some of the elephants have made a fantastic start to their pre-learning tasks this year! Over the Summer children were challenged to make their own pirates and they have certainly impressed us. They have used a range of media and in addition to pirates we have also had some treasure chests, ships and even a map. All children who completed the pre-learning task have received 2 merits. Take a look at our wonderful creations below.


In Year One, we do fluency sessions to practice our basic number skills. Today we used treasure chest tens frames and pirate treasure to represent numbers. We did a super job. Take a look at some pictures below.

Pirate phonics treasure hunt

This morning an exciting envelope had been left in our classroom. Inside was a pirate treasure map asking us to find the treasure. We were also given phoneme sheets so we could find sounds along the way. We popped on our pirate hats and went following the clues. As we found different pirate items we also recognised lots of sounds- well done Elephants! At the end we found TWO treasure chests, one full of gold and one full of sweets. We were very happy. Take a look at some pictures below.