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Summer 1

How can Jack grow the tallest beanstalk?

Elephant class have had a fantastic afternoon at Forest School and we would like to say a massive thank you to Miss Thompson and Laura.

We started the session with a quick visit to the animal park, we especially liked meeting the new little chicks!

After we went to the woodland. We learnt how to be safe in the fire circle and what is needed to make a fire.

Then, one group stayed at the fire chopping vegetables for our soup, whilst the other group went foraging for nettles and dandelions ready to add to our soup.

When we returned we mixed all the ingredients together and let it simmer. When it was time to eat it we were so impressed! The soup was delicious- some of us even had triple helpings! 

Throughout the afternoon we also identified the five wild plants that we have been learning about in class- nettle plant, dandelions, grape hyacinth, blubells and lesser celandines. 

We finished the afternoon exploring and playing in the woodland.

Take a look at some pictures below.

Active Arrays

This morning, as part of our Maths lesson, we went outside to practice our multiplication! We made arrays with PE cones to work out lots of sums. Super work Elephants!

One of our learning challenge questions this half term is, How can we play tennis as good as Roger Federer? We started to answer this on Friday as we had our first tennis lesson with Jonny from Chesterfield Tennis Club. We had so much fun and impressed him with our skills. We can't wait for the rest of our lessons this half term! Take a look at some pictures below.

Pre-learning task

A big thank you to those children who completed the pre-learning task for this half term. The task was to draw or make a plant or flower and find out a fact about it! Take a look at their amazing work below.

Planting beans

This afternoon we began our new Science topic by planting our own beans! We added our own special touch to our plant pots- a giant's castle- and we are having a competition to see who's bean plant reaches the castle first. Tomorrow we will be setting up an investigation to test the conditions that plants need to grow. The children are already impressing me with their knowledge of plants and we are looking forward to the rest of our Science lessons this term! Take a look at some pictures below.

Crime Scene

This morning in the hall, Elephant class found a crime scene cornered off with tape! We used our magnifying glasses to investigate and used our clipboards to record the evidence. There was a cow, some feathers, a golden egg, some giant footprints, a jar of jam and some magic beans. How strange! We later discovered it was linked to a book we are going to be working on in class. Can you guess which one? Take a look at some pictures below.


Magic beans

It was so lovely to see the children so enthusiastic and ready to learn after the holidays yesterday. We started the day with our English lesson where children were each given a bag of magic beans. They thought about what they would like their magic beans to do. We had ideas varying from growing them a unicorn to play with to transporting them to the moon. The children produced some amazing writing. Take a look at some pictures below!

Spring 2

Drive In Cinema

What a  fantastic bunch of children and parents you are! We are so impressed with the time and effort you put in to the cars and we want to say a massive thank you.

We have had a fantastic day! This morning we showed our cars and talked about them to Year 2 and Nursery and then this afternoon we had our drive in movie- Paddington 2- with popcorn, sweets and drinks. It has been really fun and well deserved with all the hard work you have put in this term.

We wish you a super Easter break. Stay safe and have fun.

Take a look at some pictures below.


Fun phonics and magic crayons.

This afternoon in our fun phonics session we focused on the split digraph o_e. We used magic crayons to write down our o_e words but we couldn't see our marks! We then painted over the top of our paper and our words appeared. We read them back as we painted. We really are phonics superstars! Take a look at a selection of pictures below.

Marmalade sandwiches

Like Paddington in our class text, this week we made marmalade sandwiches! We were super at spreading the butter and using a knife to cut our sandwiches in half. Of course the best part was eating them! We used this experience to then write our own instructions using bossy imperative verbs and time words! Look at a selection of pictures below.

Secret Agents!

This afternoon we practiced our split digraph i_e by becoming secret agents! We used special secret agent pens to write down words with i_e in and then our writing disappeared. We had to go under the table and use UV lights to find our words and read them back. Take a look at a selection of pictures below.

English- reading instructions to make a cup and ball

This week in English we are learning about instructions. We started this off today by reading and following instructions to make a cup and ball toy. We were all successful! We then rated how easy we thought the instructions were to follow and of course tried our new toys out!

Take a look at some pictures below.

Fun Phonics

This afternoon in our fun phonics session we focused on the sound 'ou, shout it out.' We read lots of words with the digraph 'ou' in and learnt some new vocabulary such as 'trout.'

After, we made our own megaphones! We decorated them with lots of 'ou' words using our fred fingers to help us. We then went outside and shouted through our megaphones, reading lots more 'ou' words!

Take a look at a selection of pictures below.

Maths investigation

This afternoon we recapped our learning of 3D shapes with an investigation! We predicted whether a range of 3D shapes would roll down a ramp. We then tested this out and recorded our results. After, we thought about the properties of 3D shapes and why it is that some shapes can roll and others cannot. Take a look at a selection of pictures below.

Place value with spaghetti and chocolate buttons!

This afternoon in our fluency lesson we practiced our place value skills with spaghetti and chocolate buttons. We used spaghetti as tens, chocolate buttons and ones (some of us also moved on to using marshmellows for hundreds!) We were fantastic!

Take a look at some pictures below.

Fun phonics and strawberry milkshake

Today in our fun phonics session we focused on the digraph 'aw.' We used our fred fingers to sound out and write words with the 'aw' sound on a strawberry. We then chose our favourite 'aw' word to write on a straw and used it to drink strawberry milkshake, yum! Take a look at some pictures below.


First day back

Elephants, we have had a fantastic first day back and we are so proud of you. The children came into class with big smiles on their faces and it was lovely to hear about teeth they had lost, birthdays they have had and fun times they enjoyed at home over the past few weeks.

We started the day with a detective hunt! We put on our detective glasses and went outside to find some clues. We found a suitcase, a jar of marmalade, a tag, a lost property sign, a picture of a train station and a photo of a man and woman. We recorded our clues and then came inside to guess the text we will be working on this half term. We decided it was Paddington Bear!

We then wrote questions for Paddington Bear and put them on a display in our classroom. We used our fred fingers to sound out our words and all managed to remember to use a question mark. We all earnt a special Paddington Hat that we can wear for some of our Paddington work. Take a look at some pictures below.

 A present from Miss Rowland and Mrs Booker-

When we returned to class from dinner there had been a special delivery. We had a box to open with a gift inside from Miss Rowland and Mrs Booker. When we opened it it was our very own Olaf! We all had a cuddle and when we pressed him we found out he says lots of silly Olaf phrases! Olaf will sit in our reading corner next term when we answer the big question- 'What is Olaf's favourite season?' Take a look at some pictures of him below.

A big thank you to all the Elephants for your hard work this term. Have a fun and safe Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Christmas puppets

Elephant class have been using super sewing skills to make their own gingerbread men and women puppets. I was so impressed with their concentration and perseverance. They have turned out brilliant! Take a look at some pictures below.

Autumn 2- Why are humans not like tigers?

Bronze Badges

We have two more children with bronze badges today. Well done. We are very proud of you.

For the past few weeks in our Computing lessons, we have been making PowerPoint Presentations about animals you would find in a zoo. We have added new slides, images and text! This is quite a tricky thing to do in Year One but the Elephants have done an amazing job! I have uploaded the PowerPoints for you to see below.

 athen layla.pptxDownload
 ava tommy.pptxDownload
 carina and tobi.pptxDownload
 declan sophie.pptxDownload
 eile freddy.pptxDownload
 esme koby.pptxDownload
 franky lola.pptxDownload
 harry and hollie.pptxDownload
 henry harper may.pptxDownload
 isla oliver.pptxDownload
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Bronze badges

We have two more bronze badges today. We're very proud of you.

Fun phonics- 'ur'

This afternoon in our fun phonics session we learnt the sound 'ur.' We then practiced this sound by making our own surf boards and covering them in 'ur' words. To finish our lesson we danced on our surf boards to 'Surfing USA.' Every time the music stopped we had to read an 'ur' word. Take a look at a short video and pictures below.

Computing- editing images.

Look how super we were using the Ipads this afternoon. We edited photos and turned ourselves into animals! Can you recognise any of us?

Forest school-

What a fantastic afternoon at forest school! Our afternoon consisted of feeding the animals, learning about quails, using our Science vocabulary, using our Geography skills to follow maps, finding tigers, collecting eggs, climbing on the cargo net, swinging on the tree swings, exploring dens, climbing trees, making stew in the mud kitchen, drinking hot chocolate, eating biscuits, sharing tiger facts and making a giant tiger face from natural materials. What a busy afternoon!

We were all so impressed with the behavior and enthusiasm of Elephant class. You make us so proud everyday. Take a look at some pictures below.

Bronze badges

Well done to the children below who have received their bronze badges and special pencils today. These children have missed no golden time for ten weeks. They are superstars!

Science investigation- who does the poo belong to?

This afternoon we learnt about the diet of different animals. We learnt the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. These are three of our sticky words for this term so it was brilliant to hear the children using them correctly! We then took part in a bit of a gruesome Science investigation. We put on our super Scientist glasses and then we had to examine three different poo samples. We had to decide whether the poo would belong to a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. Super Science work elephants! Look at some pictures below.

Holiday homework creations- 3D animals

For homework over half term children were asked to make a 3D animal. Their creations are amazing! A big thank you to parents for your help with this task. Take a look at some pictures below.

Animals including humans- labelling body parts.

This afternoon we learnt the names of different body parts. The children then worked in groups, drawing round eachother and labelling the human body. Super work elephants! See some pictures below.


Autumn 1- What would life be like as a pirate?

Fun phonics- 'qu'

This afternoon in our fun phonics session we learnt the sound 'qu' We also improved our vocabulary by learning new words such as 'quail' and 'quill.' Like the qu, qu, qu queen we then made our own crowns and decorated them with lots of qu words. Take a look at some pictures below.

Fun phonics- 'ar'- start the car

For our fun phonics session today we focused on 'ar-start the car.' We each had a toy vehicle and had to label it with a word including the 'ar' phoneme. We then used the cars on tracks, reading the words as we played. Take a look at some pictures below.

Pirate Portraits

Take a look at our amazing pirate portraits below. Argh!

Which material would be best to make a coat for Captain Blackbeard?

This afternoon, as part of our Science work, our learning challenge was to investigate which material would be best to make a coat for Captain Blackbeard! We set ourselves a criteria for a good pirate coat- it must be comfy and easy to move in, strong and waterproof  for if water came overboard! In pairs we then made coats. Some of us used fabric, some of us used paper and some plastic. After making them we then tested them against the criteria. Well done Elephants! Take a look at some pictures below.

Fun phonics- 'ow'

Don't worry when you see the following pictures. We haven't all been falling over during golden mile, we have just been practicing our sound 'ow.' We loved using the bandages and plasters to write down words with our 'ow' phoneme in this afternoon whilst reading them back to our friends.

Phoneme pirate treasure hunt

For our extra phonics session today we went on a pirate phoneme treasure hunt! We put on our pirate hats and followed clues to pirate themed items which had different phonemes on. We had to identify the phoneme, practice saying it, cross it off on our checklist AND practice writing it. We were super and the final clue led us to a treasure chest full of chocolate gold coins! Well done Elephants!

Phonics with cereal!

In our extra phonics session this afternoon we recapped on the sound 'oo' We sounded out words in partners with our fred fingers and used cheerios to make the 'oo' sound! Take a look at some pictures below.

Science- How can we make a pirate ship that floats?

This afternoon we were set the challenge to make a pirate ship that floats! First we tested a range of materials to see which would sink and which would float. We made lots of good predictions first too, using our knowledge of these materials. Both plastic and wood floated and we decided plastic would be the easiest to make our boats from. We worked in pairs and showed super teamwork skills! Take a look at some pictures below.

Pirate Stew!

This afternoon in our Maths fluency session we made pirate stew! We received a letter from Captain Blackbeard, who we have been learning about in Topic, explaining that he was looking for a new chef for his ship. He also sent us a recipe to follow. We had to count very carefully to make sure the pirate stew was right. There were some weird ingredients though such as eyeballs and parrot feathers! Take a look at some pictures below.

Pirate Photo Booth

Children are really enjoying our photography area in the classroom. They are great at using the camera and enjoy peeking through the pirate photo booth. Take a look at some pictures below.

The children's first day in Elephant class

Myself and Mrs Booker are so proud of the new members of Elephant class. They arrived at school so smartly and smiley and we have had a fantastic day together.

Before we start our work on Pirates next week, we have spent today and will be continuing tomorrow completing work based on the book 'The Colour Monster' This is a brilliant book about feelings. We used it to discuss the different emotions we are feeling returning to school. We then completed various activities based on the text. We have written messages to the colour monster, counted monsters, created patterns, built lego colour monsters, made colour monster biscuits and worked together to make a giant colour monster outside! 

Please watch the video below to see a selection of pictures from today.