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Autumn 2

Fun phonics - oy

Today in our fun phonics lesson we focused on the sound 'oy' We used our super fred talk to read lots of real and nonsense words and then we made rOYal crowns covered in lots of 'oy' words that we had learnt. We have taken these crowns home to show our parents how super we are at reading 'oy' words! Take a look at some pictures below.

Forest school

We have had a fantastic afternoon at forest school! First we completed some Geography work using a map to find numbered tigers around the animal park. The children were amazing at identifying where the different tigers were and could follow the maps confidently and accurately!

After, we went down to the woodland and split into four teams. We had a competition to see which team could create the best tiger out of natural materials. The children had to remember their learning from our Science lessons and include the structure and all the features of a tiger. They all did an amazing job and the winning team even created water for their tiger to swim in as we found out earlier that tigers are strong swimmers!

Finally, we ended the session with a tiger tea party based on our English work on the book 'The tiger who came for tea.' We ate lots of goodies and then played in the woodland. 

Take a look at some pictures below.


In our Science lessons this week we have been thinking about the features of different animals. We got messy creating a range of animals- monkeys, giraffes, birds and tigers- with potatoes and paint. We then added the finer details with pen and labelled their features. They have turned out fantastic! Take a look at some pictures below.

Phonics workshops

Both myself and the children really enjoyed having the parents join us two mornings this week to show off our phonics skills and play some phonics games. I would like to say a massive thank you for your attendance and continued support with phonics this year, you are all amazing! Take a look at some pictures below.

Pre-learning task 

Before starting our big question 'Why are humans not like tigers?', the children were asked to make an animal for homework that you would find in a zoo. I am amazed with their creations and original ideas. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into them.

Take a look at their wonderful creations below.


Fun phonics- aw, strawberry milkshake!

Today in our fun phonics lesson we learnt the sound 'aw.' We were fantastic at recognising this digraph in lots of new words. After we decorated strAWberry strAWs with lots of 'aw' words and ended the lesson with strawberry milkshake- yum! Take a look at some pictures below.

Science- labelling body parts

For this half term's big question, which has a Science focus, we are learning all about humans and animals. This week we learnt about the body parts of a human. We went outside and used chalk to draw around our peers and then labelled their body parts. We did a super a job. A great start to our new Science topic! Take a look at some pictures below.

Autumn 1

Fun phonics - oo, spooky!

Today in our fun phonics lesson we focused on the sound 'oo' We made spOOky wreaths covered in oo words and Halloween stickers. The children have brought these home to hang up in the lead up to Halloween. See if they can read you the words on them!

Pirate party day!

What a wonderful day we have had! First take a look at our pictures below walking the plank as we entered school. A big thank you to parents for the amount of effort you put into their fantastic outfits!

What a busy pirate day we have had! We had to complete lots of challenges throughout the day. Our first pirate challenge was to find a piece of gold treasure each on the playground, we were all successful and very happy when we found out our treasure tasted of chocolate. After, we had to create our own pirate portraits. We looked at some pirate portraits by famous artists and used some of their ideas such as putting beads in our pirate's hair. Then we were set the challenge of building a big pirate ship- we worked so well as a team and included key features such as the mast and rigging. We then played bingo before lunch identifying key pirate pictures and words. 

After lunch our challenge was 'Can you party like a pirate?' The answer was definitely yes! We went to the hall and completed a pirate themed relay race, played pass the parcel, throw the cannonball and showed off our pirate dancing skills! We ended the day with a yummy feast of hot dog pirate ships, cheesy cannon balls, dead mans fingers and pirate punch! Thank you Elephants for a day full of fun, you are all super pirates! Take a look at some pictures below.

Pirate forest school session

We have had a fantastic afternoon at forest school! First we spent time on the animal park meeting and feeding the animals and collecting mud ready for one of our pirate activities. We then went down to the woodland and made our own pirate ships, carefully finding sticks that would fit in our base for the mast and leaves to attach for the sails and Jolly Roger. After, we sailed these on the stream and and observed them float. To end our afternoon we made pirate mud faces on the trees! We grabbed big handfuls of mud, splatted them on the tree trunks and used other woodland items to add features such as eye patches and beards. We would like to say a massive thank you to Miss T and Laura. Also well done Elephants as your behavior and engagement was wonderful, Take a look at some pictures below.

Part whole models

This morning we had a different kind of Maths lesson to introduce us to something we will be using a lot in Year 1 - part whole models. We used cubes and hoops to create our own part whole models and picked up the concept quickly! Take  a look at some pictures below.

Which material would be best to make a coat for Captain Blackbeard?

This afternoon in our Science lesson, we answered the question 'Which material would be best to make a coat for Captain Blackbeard?' First we thought about the criteria for a good pirate coat- it has to be comfy, it needs to be strong to survive pirate fights and it has to be waterproof incase waves come overboard during a storm. We then made coats out of fabric, paper and plastic before testing which material fitted the criteria best. Take a look at our super coats below!

Pirate ships

As part of our work on pirates, we have been learning about the parts of a pirate ship. On Monday we were challenged to make a playdoh pirate ship with a partner clearly showing the different parts and labelling them correctly. We did a super job! Take a look at our creations below.

Red word dance-

In Year One we practice our 'red words' in lots of ways. Red words are words that we use a lot in our reading and writing, but they are tricky as we can't decode them with our phonics.

One way we practice these words is by starting every English lesson with our 'red word dance' We put on some music, dance along and read the words as they flash up on the screen. Take a look at the video below to see us in action!


This afternoon we went in the ICT suite and although this was one of the first times in there since starting school we impressed Miss Rowland with our skills! We worked in pairs to use Textease to draw a pirate. We used the controls to change the colour and size of our brushes. Our end creations were fantastic. We will be using these pictures to create safe pirate profiles next week, linked to this half term's Esafety unit. You can take a look at some pictures below.

Fun phonics- 'igh, fly high.'

This afternoon in our fun phonics sessions we focused on one of the sounds we have been finding a bit tricky - 'igh, fly high.' We practiced reading lots of 'igh' words and then we made kites to fly high ourselves covered in lots of 'igh' words. Take a look at some pictures below.

Today in our Science lesson we answered the question, 'How can we make a pirate ship that floats?' 

First, we conducted a floating and sinking experiment and recorded our results. Although three materials floated, we decided to make plastic pirate ships. We had lots of fun making them and sailing them at the end. Fantastic work Elephants! Take a look at some pictures below.

Fun phonics- ee, what can you see?

This afternoon in our fun phonics lesson we focused on the sound 'ee, what can you see?' After reading and exploring different 'ee' words we decorated funky scratch Art glasses with lots of ee words. We have brought these glasses home tonight as they link with the sound in our phonics pet homework. Ask us at home which words we know.

Phonics treasure hunt!

Today we turned into pirates again and went on a phoneme treasure hunt! We had 7 phonemes to find and had to use clues to locate where they could be. We were super at saying the phonemes and looking out for pirate items. At the end we found the treasure- yay! Well done Elephants! Take a look at some pictures below.