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    11 November 2019 (by Mrs Marsh (koalas))

    Silverscreen Pictures

    Last week, Year 3 had the privilege of having Mr. Pepper in school. Mr. Pepper specialises in creating short movies.

    Firstly, a massive thank you to the parents/carers for the children's super mythical costumes!

    To begin our mythical day, the children watched a clip of The BFG to discover what is needed to create a brilliant movie. The children then created a short diary, pretending to be Sophie - one of the main characters from The BFG. The children explained what it was like to be taken by a Big Friendly Giant, living in Giant Country and being surrounded by huge, mean giants.

    In the afternoon, the children went on to create their own movie - The Stonebroom School of Wizardry and Witchcraft! 

    The children thoroughly enjoyed making the movie and watching it back today. 

    We couldn't have done this without Mr. Pepper, so on behalf of myself and Year 3 we would like to say a huge thank you!

    We hope you love watching the movie, as much as we did!