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    Sheep- Transition morning

    9 July 2024 (by Miss Rowland (elephants))

    Your children have been superstars today!

    Just to let you know your children have had a fantastic transition morning in Elephant class! I am so impressed by their attitude, confidence and ability to contribute in the classroom (I had to give lots of sweets out!) We started the morning completing parachute games - there was lots of laughing! We then read the book 'Incredible you' where the children did some fantastic animal impressions, singing and dancing throughout. We spoke about being unique and then made our own unique star paintings. After, we learnt a couple of songs about our bodies and then used mirrors to identify similarities and differences between ourselves and our peers. We then drew some amazing self-portraits. I could not believe how strong their fine motor skills are! The children were stars all morning and I know they will settle brilliantly in September! Miss Rowland