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    Elephants- Tamworth Castle

    14 May 2024 (by Miss Rowland (elephants))

    Our trip to Tamworth Castle.

    Elephant Class have had a fantastic day at Tamworth Castle. When we arrived we went on a tour of the castle. We went in the armoury, the chamber rooms, across the battlements, up to the top of the tower, the great hall and our favourite place- the dungeon! After we had explored the castle, we participated in a squire workshop. We learnt about all the parts of armour. We got to feel the pieces and couldn't believe how heavy they were. We also learnt about all the weapons they would have used. After, we completed a drill in the great hall with foam bill hooks. We were super! After we had eaten our lunch, we participated in another workshop! We went to the dining room and were greeted by the Lady of the castle. We had to work hard to help her set the table ready for the Lord coming back from shooting for his luncheon. We learnt all about pewter, goblets and salt- this was a sign of wealth in medieval times! We also showed reverence to the Lady by bowing and curtseying. We ended the day at the castle in the drawing room learning about the games they would play and the clothes young boys and girls would have worn in medieval times. It was a busy trip (we had some sleepers on the way home) but the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Follow the link below to see some photos from our day.