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    Sheep- Our new floor and reminder of Adam Pepper Day!

    3 March 2024 (by Grace Lee (Sheep23))

    We are so excited to share pictures of our fantastic new floor in our reception outdoor area. Please follow the link to see some pictures! A huge thank you again to the parents who came and cleared our outdoor area. We could not have managed without you!

    Tomorrow, Monday the 4th of March, we will be having our Adam Pepper Day in reception. This term our big question is all about dinosaurs. We would like the children to bring their clothes for the day in a bag clearly labelled with their name. Clothing can consist of shorts, a t-shirt, sunglasses, a sunhat or a backpack. Any item of clothing that you might wear to go on an adventure or safari is ideal. Do not worry as a plain t-shirt and shorts are also fine. If your child has a prop, for example binoculars, a map or magnifying glass, they are more than welcome to bring them in. As the film will be created in front of a green screen, the children can NOT wear green clothing. No clothing with green on, please.

    Any questions, please ask a member of the reception team. We are going to have such an exciting day!

    Thank you, Miss Lee