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    Year 2 - Forest School Fun!

    9 October 2022 (by Mr Scott (meerkats))

    What have our meerkat mob been up to this week?

    It was a bit wet and soggy when we went to Forest School this week but it didn't stop us from having lots of forest fun! We spent a few minutes with the animals and then managed to get a campfire going in the log circle, despite the rain. We tested different materials to answer our investigation question 'Which material is best to rebuild London after the Great Fire?' Miss Thompson was very impressed with our materials knowledge! We then had time to play and explore: some pupils went bug-hunting, others were colour hunting to make an Autumn rainbow, swinging and playing in the mud kitchen. To finish our fab afternoon we had stewed fruit and biscuits around the campfire. Thanks to Miss Thompson and Laura for organising our super science session! 

    Click on the link below to see our class gallery: 

    You can also check out the snapping crocodiles we made in maths this week to compare different number representations. Our meerkat mob are fantastic at place value and had another great week in class!