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    Year 2 - Arty Meerkats!

    30 September 2022 (by Mr Scott (meerkats))

    Our amazing artwork!

    We have been creating lots of fantastic art in Year 2 this week. We had an art morning led by Miss Walton which was great fun! She taught us about Vincent Van Gogh and his amazing paintings. Did you know he painted over 2000 pictures in just 10 years?! Inspired by his Sunflowers painting, we had a go ourselves after watching Miss Walton create some brilliant sunflowers. Click on the link below to look at our wonderful sunflower art! Big Meerkat Thanks to Miss Walton!  

    We also made portrait tiles for the school hall and created our Christmas card designs which pupils took home today. The Christmas design is attached to a form with an accompanying letter. We enjoyed making them and we hope you like the design. Return your completed form by Friday 14th October if you would like your child's artwork printed. 

    Thank you,

    Mr Scott.