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    Nursery - Summer 2

    4 June 2021 (by Mrs Beresford (monkeys))

    I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine and have had a fantastic half term break.

    Our topic for the final term of this academic year is What is a holiday?

    Our main focus for this term is Understanding the World. We will explore different countries and places around the world and will look in detail at different cultures and ways of life.

    We will also explore with the children different climates and how we would pack and prepare for different types of holiday. The children will learn what they would need if they were going on an African Safari or going skiing in the Alps! We are sure to have lots of fun.

    As part of our pre-learning task we would like you to look at any old photos you may have of a time when you went on a holiday. It could even be a day trip to the sea side. Talk together about the things you did. Did you have a donkey ride? Or an ice cream on the beach? Did you eat fish and chips or play crazy golf? Feel free to share your photos with us, either by sending them in to nursery or via your child's Evidence Me account.

    Any ideas or contributions to activities from parents are most welcome. If you have any questions about this term's topic please speak with a member of staff.

    If you would like to view our medium term planner or our sticky vocabulary for the term, please click on the link below. 

    See you all on Tuesday 8th June.

    Best wishes

    Mrs. Beresford and the Nursery team.