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    Nursery - Spring Term 2

    17 February 2021 (by Mrs Beresford (monkeys))

    I hope you are all having an enjoyable half term break.

    Our new big question for Spring 2 is... What grows in the garden?

    We will be looking closely at the environment around us and will be learning about changes that take place. We will be learning about how living things grow and change to suit their environment. We will be learning about life cycles and finding out how a tadpole grows into a frog.

    Any ideas or contributions to activities from parents are most welcome. If you have any questions about this term's topic please send a message to a member of staff.

    To view our medium term plan and the sticky vocabulary for this term please visit our class page by following the link below.

    Children attending nursery will continue to follow our nursery curriculum and those children continuing with remote learning can continue to access activities through this link or via your child's Evidence Me account. Please keep sharing your work with us.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Best wishes

    Mrs. Beresford