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    Nursery - Name Writing

    16 November 2020 (by Mrs Beresford (monkeys))

    The children in nursery have been working hard on writing their own names.

    We want to say a big congratulations and well done to some of our children who have managed to achieve their name writing certificate.

    To achieve a name writing certificate, the children must be able to form each of the letters in their name correctly and write them down in the correct order. The children then have to remember which order they come in! They must be able to write their name without any help at all!

    To find out who can write their names please follow the link below.

    We would like all children to be able to write their own name by the time they leave nursery and start school. Keep practising writing your names! Just 5 minutes practise a day at home will help your child to achieve their certificate.

    Let's see how many children can get their photo on our news page by the end of the year!

    Mrs Beresford.