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    Shark class - end of SATs treat

    11 May 2023 (by Craig Moss (sharks))

    Friday afternoon treat. Allergies

    Hi all, I would firstly like to share with you how well your children have performed this week in the SATs test. Every adult who worked with the children commented on how hard every single one of them worked.

    We are so proud of them all!

    Tomorrow afternoon, as a treat, we would like to have a bit of a party to celebrate the end of the tests. The children will have a few snacks etc (provided by the school) and we will play some sports and games. 


    • Please the office or myself know if your child is allergic to anything. (It will be food such as crisps, biscuits and chocolate)
    • Please send your child with their PE kits.
    • Please let your child know that the school are proud of them. 

    Kind regards, the year 6 team.