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    Sheep Class - Pre-learning task

    21 August 2022 (by Miss Gill (sheep))

    Each half term we explore a big question, our first question is 'What makes me, me?'

    During each half term your child will be given a pre-learning task. The task will be specific to the new big question that we will be exploring and is an opportunity for your child to be introduced to the new topic at home, before they come back to school. Our first big question is 'What makes me, me?', the pre-learning task for this half term is for your child to draw a picture of themselves and to have a go at writing their name underneath their picture. We would like your child to hand this in on Monday 12th September. 

    Other activities that your child could practise over the rest of the holidays:

    • recognising their name 
    • writing their name
    • using the toilet and washing their hands 
    • getting dressed and undressed 
    • using a knife and fork 
    • putting on shoes 

    Thank you, 

    Mrs Holden (Miss Gill)