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    Dragons - Reading

    3 May 2021 (by Mr Moss (Dragons))

    Dragons - Reading

    Hello everyone, I hope you have had great bank holiday weekend. Could I please ask that you fill in the reading diaries now rather than sending it on Seesaw? Your child can fill in the information and you can just sign if you are sure they have read.

    There is an expectation, throughout the school, that all children read at least three times a week at home. I know most people this and some much more. Other classes run a 'Golden Time' penalty for not completing this. Our class will also be starting this in order to get ready for transferring to year 6.

    The children have a seven day period from Monday - Monday to complete their reads. This doesn't have to be reading to an adult in year 5, it could be reading to a sibling, pet dog or even alone. The important thing is that an adult signs the diary to prove this has happened. 

    Your child has been given two weeks notice that this was going to start and next Friday is the first 'Golden Time' that this will begin. 

    Regards Craig Moss.