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    Merit Badge Award

    30 April 2021 (by admin)

    Read on to see who has received their merit badges today.

    Whilst the bronze, silver and gold badges are linked to behaviour, merits are awarded for outstanding effort & achievement in all areas of the curriculum—this could be maths, writing, P.E., computing, artwork etc. When a child has earned 25 merits, they are awarded with a green merit badge. Once a child has received their green badge, they can work towards their blue badge (50 merits), yellow badge (75 merits) and red badge (100 merits.) Once 150 merits have been received - the children can choose a book/books up to the value of £10.00.

    Many of the merit badges awarded today were earned during lockdown. The children keep these badges - they do not need to be handed back at the end of the year.

    Congratulations to all of these children - their attitude towards their own learning is superb. We are really proud of them.

    Follow the link to the merit badges page of the school website: