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    Online expectations in Year 6

    7 January 2021 (by J Walmsley (Year 6))

    Thank you for your continued help and support during lockdown. Below are the expectations of a Year 6 children during this lockdown.

    Now I have got the children up and running on Seesaw again, I would like to share with you my plans for online learning with Year 6. 

    Based on government guidance, the children should have on average 3 hours of work a day. With this in mind, we have decided in school that the children will receive the following education: 

    1) A Maths activity every day. 

    2) An English activity every day. 

    3) At least 1 foundation subject activity every day (eg: art, P4C, history etc)

    4) 15 minutes of silent reading

    5) 15 minutes of TT Rockstars

    I will the occasionally put up some extra optional challenges for them like I did the other day with the Braille activity. 

    I would appreciate it if you could record their reading and TT Rockstars in their homework diary and send a picture to me through Seesaw or email on a Monday (I will set up the activity). This will ensure the children get their reading at home certificates too. Of course, I will always encourage extra reading and therefore if they want to do extra, then please record it and the child will be rewarded. I plan to do an online assembly announcement every week which will include a star of the week, dojo master, merit badges and certificates. This will start on Friday 15th January. 

    Please can you encourage the children to use the support videos I have put in place. Some of the videos are created by me, whereas others are from home learning websites. Either way, the video will support the children's learning and help them with the task. Many children have not been using the videos which has meant the activities are very difficult for them. 

    As a school, we will be monitoring work carried out everyday. If the children do not do any work for two consecutive days, we will be carrying out welfare checks on the children. I appreciate, due to other commitments, there may be times when the children need to complete the work at the weekend. If this is the case, could you please inform me so that I know not to worry about them. 

    Every other week between now and February half term, we will be doing welfare calls. During these calls, I will hopefully get to speak to the child and yourself and I can see how we are getting on and if there is anything further I can do to support home learning. My first call will be on WEDNESDAY 13TH JANUARY. If this is an issue for you, please contact school (01773 872449) or email me - - as I appreciate some of you may still be at work/working from home and need to arrange a different time. 

    In other news, the Key Stage Two SATS tests have been cancelled. Whilst there will be no tests, there will still be teacher assessment and therefore it is really important that we continue working hard, especially as they move on to secondary school in September. At this point in time, I am unsure whether or not there will be any moderation but I will let you know once I know.

    I also updated the class website over the holidays although some things (the class newsletter for example) are already wildly out of date due to the new lockdown but please feel free to browse. 

    Finally, please know that I will do everything in my power to make this a positive experience for the children but if there is an issue, please contact me at school or email me. 

    Thank you for your continued help and support during another difficult period. 

    Mr Walmsley