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Year 2 

We have had an amazing 11 weeks with Year 2  learning and exploring in the woods.  We had our last Forest School sessions on the 11th and 13th July, and by popular demand, we had a campfire.  We cooked popcorn, enchiladas (without the chilli!), fruit choc marshmallow cones, and of course toasted marshmallows!  The children were all super sensible around the fire and we learned all about fire safety including how to safely extinguish a fire, leaving our Forest School site clean, tidy and safe.  Have a look at the photos of our final sessions in the woods.

Have a look at us learning about all our animals.... and look at our little chicks.  We have 17 of them, Speckles hatched 9 on the 3rd May 2018 and Freckles hatched 8 on the 5th May, all on their own!  They are very fluffy and small....

We hand feed the goats and they are just beginning to get used to us, and Olive has a run round each week too, but we have to make sure there's no food in the bags, because she eats EVERYTHING!

We're getting more confident with all the animals now (June 18) and our chicks are growing fast!  We hand feed the chicks every week and they're really tame now...

Olive loves to be brushed and she loves a fuss (as long as she gets lots of carrots too, of course!)

Our goats, Norris, Norbert and Little Ned, are very naughty because they climb on the sheds!  They're very greedy too and they eat all the chick food if they get half a chance!

We've been learning how to use loppers, and we're getting really good at it now!  We collected sticks for our bug hotels, and used the loppers to make them all the same size and we talked about how and where we would build the bug hotels.  We know that bugs and insects like to live in dark and damp places, so we tried to make them a lovely home.  We'll see if anyone has checked in to our bug hotels next week!