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Extra Sessions

 Pupil Parliament Forest School session

19th June 2023

On Monday 19th June 2023, children from Blackwell, Morton, Newton, Pilsley,  Stretton Handley and Tibshelf Junior schools came to Stonebroom School for a Forest school session.

We went on the Animal Park and met Horace our 30 stone pig, Olive, our little pink pig, our five goats, and many ducks and chickens.  There were even some little chicks running around that were only three weeks old!

We went into the woodland and had a look at the Forest School main site and then we went down to the pond to see what creatures we could find.  We saw pond skaters, fresh water shrimp and a lot of tadpoles, even though none of them had turned into frogs just yet!  We made a dam across the stream and we painted the trees, and ourselves with mud.

Below are just a few photos from a lovely sunny afternoon in the woods.

Have a look at some photos of our Forest School sessions with Sheep Class.

Sheep class (Reception) have had three sessions of Forest School this term (Autumn 1 2022)

The class was split into two groups. Mrs Holden came with Group 1 and Miss Walton came with Group 2.

Group 1 had their last session on 10th October and Group had their last session on 17th October. 

We have spent time on the Animal Park each week and Miss T and Laura have been very impressed with the confidence of the children around the animals.  We have especially enjoyed feeding the animals and it was very funny each week because Scooby and Shaggy, two of our goats came and joined us while we did the Register at the log circle.  The only problem was, that the goats ate the register every time and Miss T had to print off extra copies !

For our last sessions we made log cookie boats and went down to Morton Brook at the bottom of the woodland to sail them.  We got very wet but we were very happy when our boats floated really well.  We made sails out of sticks, leaves and feathers and we cleared some of the stones out of the river to make the water flow faster.  Some of our boats nearly sailed away and we had to catch them quickly!  Some of us had to empty the water out of our wellies because we had splashed about in the river so much the water went over the top of our wellies!

Have a look at some photos below.