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5 Pits Pupil Parliament


Well Being and Exercise - October 2023

On 18th October 2023, some of our school council representatives visited Tibshelf Townend to take part in a 5 Pits Pupil Parliament event. Lots of local schools took part. They linked well-being with physical activity and took part in lots of sporty events. As usual, behavior and attitude from Stonebroom pupils were superb.


Outdoor Learning- Stonebroom Forest School

On 19th June 2023, lots of local schools from our cluster (Pilsley, Blackwell, Morton, Tibshelf, Shirland & Stretton) came to Stonebroom Primary School to take part in some outdoor learning. They visited the Animal Park and then went into Forest Schools to look at the creatures who make their habitats in the pond. They all loved the afternoon and asked if they could return next year!!

Cyber bullying 

Pupil parliament met for the first time this year at Tibshelf Community school to discuss cyber bullying. Four representatives attended from Stonebroom and worked with other local schools to determine what cyber bullying was and ways we could deal with it. We created a PowerPoint presentation which we will bring back to Stonebroom and present to the rest of the school for anti-bullying week next week. Well done to our wonderful representative who presented today to the audience at Tibshelf, you were so confident!

Monday 7th November 2022

Pupil Parliament meeting at Stonebroom Primary school

Pupil Parliament met for the first time this academic year for a meeting in the grounds of Stonebroom Community Woodland. 

We were joined by School Council representatives from other schools within the Five Pits Partnership for some team building activities.

We spent some time on our wonderful animal park, discussing how we care for the animals and the jobs the children have during their Forest School sessions. We then moved into the woodland where our activity was introduced to us in the meadow. The children were asked to make a boat the would float in the water; they used the logs provided by Miss Thompson but foraged for their sails and decorations. They then tried out their boats and had to use their problem solving skills and discussion skills if they would not float.

All the children demonstrated excellent behaviour and worked well with people they had not met before. 

Well done to all the School Councils. 

Thursday 16th June 2022

On 14th February  some of our council members visited Pilsley Primary School to take part in a 5 Pits Partnership Pupil Parliament session with other schools from the cluster.

The theme was 'Staying Safe Online' and the children worked together on a variety of activities including; Who are you really? What is okay to post? Seeking help.

Follow the link to watch a video which shows how you can choose to use kind or unkind words and how the other person might react.


In July  school council members from our Tibshelf cluster of schools visited our school to take part in activities in our Forest School - they were looking at outdoor learning and how it can have a positive impact on our well-being and state of mind.


On 10th October some of our school council members visited Tibshelf Townend Junior School to take part in a 5 Pits Pupil Parliament session with the other 5 Pits Schools.

The theme was 'Mental Health' as the whole country is celebrating 'World Mental Health Day - the children took part in some workshops and then all the schools joined together to do some yoga.