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    • Year 1- bird feeders
      Yesterday as part of our Science work on seasons we thought about the changes that Winter brings and its impact on both humans and animals.
    • Bronze Awards
      Congratulations to those children who were awarded their bronze badge today.
    • Dodgeball League Update
      Wow... again! I thought that last Friday's dodgeball was superb, but tonight's games were even better.
    • P4C - What is Play?
      Thanks for all of your amazing discussions you have recorded for us this week. We hope you enjoyed thinking all about different kinds of play. Please follow the link below to have a look at some of our thoughts.
    • Tonight's Dodgeball Teams
      My apologies - I thought I had done this on Monday evening. Don't forget, all the information is on the dodgeball website, including every fixture.
    • GREEN Merit Badge Award
      We are really pleased to present our first GREEN merit badge today in assembly.
    • F2 - Tummy Time
      We have had tummy time this afternoon. Tummy time helps build the children's core strength which will then help with large and small movement.
    • Dodgeball League: Update
      Wow! What a night of dodgeball.
    • Year 6 Forest School - Session 2
      We went into the wood today and learned about coppicing trees as part of our ongoing Woodland Management Plan.
    • Year 6 Forest School session TOMORROW - Friday
      Year 6... Please will you all bring lots of WARM CLOTHING tomorrow? The weather forecast has given a VERY COLD DAY.
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