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YEAR 6......

Please make sure you all bring your Forest School kit into school


We've talked about the clothes you will need, so tell your grown ups

and bring some warm, old clothes, an old coat and good strong boots as well

as hats, scarves and gloves!

Year 6 - Session 2 - Friday 18th January 2019

Re-introduction to our woodland

It was very cold this morning, about -1 degree C, we had to make sure we had plenty of layers of warm clothing on to keep us warm enough!  Some of us said we would bring a few more layers next week if it is as cold as it was today!

By the afternoon, it was much less cold, about +2 degrees C, but we still needed plenty of layers of clothing on and the ground was still frozen, some of us said how cold our toes were!

We spent some time with the animals, we noticed how thick the goats fur is and we were determined to give the guinea pigs a cuddle.  Olive was as grumpy as ever, but behaved herself once she had been well fed!  We managed to catch some of our chickens again too.  We think they actually quite like having a cuddle really!

We went into the woodland today and talked about how some of the trees need coppicing (that means trimming, taking off some of the dead branches to open up the tree canopy, to let more light into the wood in the summer).  We looked at an area of the woodland that Miss Thompson and Laura have been working on, (with the help of Miss Thompson's grown up children, Sam and Lauren), and we could see the difference this coppicing is making.  Hopefully we will be able to do some of this once we are confident with the tools.

We looked at the willow dens that Mrs Kaye's Dragon class made last term and saw that some of the buds on the stems are just beginning to show signs of growing.  We'll keep a close eye on those over the next few weeks!

We walked round to the pond and on the way saw a tree with lots of dead branches on it, so Miss Thompson and Laura said we could break a few off.  Dead wood breaks very easily with a loud 'snap', and these branches could break off if it's windy.  We broke the long branches into smaller bits and left them in the wood, away from the main paths, for bugs and creatures to use as dens over the winter.

We went to the pond.  This is going to be our main focus over the next few weeks, until half term.  We are going to make it bigger and a bit deeper because we need to make sure the water stays in the pond over the summer so it is a more sustainable habitat for all the pond creatures to live and breed in.  We need to carefully take all the plants out and put them into buckets with mud from the bottom of the pond, then we will move the dam and let all the water out so we can dig the pond deeper and decide how we are going to keep the water in it when it fills back up.  Our pond fills up naturally from a spring that comes out of the ground.

We are going to get very muddy next week,

so we'll need lots of old clothes and wellies if possible please!

Have a look at photos from today in the gallery below.

 Year 6 - Session 1 -  Friday 11th Jan 2019

Health and Safety and Meeting our Animals

We had our Health and Safety talk with Miss Thompson and Laura in the classroom, and we learnt how to keep safe during our Forest School sessions, how to behave around the animals and also how important it is to have the correct clothing during the cold winter months.

After this, we went and spent an hour on our Animal Park.  We met Norris, Norbert and Ned, our goats; Olive, our very grumpy pig, our 15 very frizzy chickens and most of our 17 guinea pigs.  We hand fed, stroked and fussed the goats and Olive cleared up all the food that was on the floor! When we finally managed to catch some of our not-very-tame guinea pigs, we had a cuddle from them too, but they are very shy.  Some of us had to squeeze right into the guinea pig hutch to catch them!  We had cuddles with Fizz Bomb and Speckles, two of our hens and we put some new signs on the animal pens to tell us what jobs need doing.

We swept Olive's pen, and cleared her toilet area, but we have to leave her bed alone because she gets even more grumpy if we mess with it!  We have learnt that we should not feed Olive from our hands, but the goats love to eat their dried food out of our hands, it tickles and they are so gentle!  Even some of the chickens came and ate from our hands too!

Have a look at our photos below....

Year 6 said that it was good to be back in Forest School and that they are looking forward to learning lots of new skills over the next 11 weeks.


 Year 6 will begin their Forest School sessions THIS FRIDAY, 11th January.

Please bring suitable OLD CLOTHES and wellies / boots.

Please see letter with relevant information below.


We are looking forward to some very exciting activities!

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