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PCSO Workshops 2023


On Monday 16th January 2023, Sarah Dufton (PCSO) came into school to deliver some workshops to our EYFS and KS1 children about keeping safe. We discussed taking and sharing images online and the importance of consent. The children were very well-behaved and engaged, and enjoyed asking questions about a police officer's job. If we are worried, we should remember to TAG (tell a grownup). This can be remembered by holding our hand up in front of us and putting our thumb down to represent us - the other 4 must be a trusted adult. These include: parents/carers, grandparents/wider family, teachers/school staff and police/other emergency services. We even learnt that police dogs are so intelligent that they can sniff out digital devices! 

Sarah Dufton (PCSO) returned on the 24th January 2023 to work with our KS2 children. We found out about the law and safety precautions when it comes to social media usage, including the rules, restrictions and regulations that are in place to protect us. The children learned about the dangers of the internet, and how cyber-bullying and harassment can be dealt with. It must be remembered that we might not be able to control other people's behaviour or actions, but we can control our own. We discovered that WhatsApp requires a minimum age of 16! Parents/carers should check that we are using the internet safely and appropriately, and we need to report anything that worries or concerns us to an adult.


Below are a few images and the CEOP newsletter, which tells parents about online safety at home.