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Lockdown Bubbles Jan / Feb 2021

During the half term from January / February 2021 each of our three lockdown bubbles had the opportunity to visit our school Animal Park once a week.

We had some very busy sessions and the children played a very important part in caring for our animals.  The weather is never easy to work in at this time of the year, but everyone willingly joined in with the numerous daily jobs that need doing to keep our animals safe and well, often meaning that the children got very muddy!

We collected the eggs, changed the drinking water, swept the muddy paving slabs, tidied the goat shed and filled the hay baskets and we fed all the animals some tasty treats.  We groomed the goats and gave Horace and Olive, our pigs, lots of fuss.  Horace came out of his field to 'help' us most weeks.  Our young ducks have started laying eggs now and we looked at the differences between hen and duck eggs.  The quails are very shy but we did manage to see them and the guinea pigs were very funny when they burrowed into the hay bale in their run.  They burrowed in so far that we couldn't see them!

The chickens cannot come out of their coops at the moment because of the risk of Avian Flu from wild birds.  We made sure we spent time with them giving them extra food, fresh water and cleaning their coops.  We also enjoyed giving them a cuddle!

During the last week of the half term the weather turned very cold and snowy and the ground was frozen solid all week.  This meant that all the drinking water froze too so we helped to break the ice on the water tubs so the animals had enough to drink.  Miss T said that this needed doing several times a day because the water just kept re freezing!

Each bubble had camp fire in the log circle on the Animal Park with hot soup and s'mores.  We loppered some willow whips off the trees in the Animal Park for our marshmallows and we whittled the ends of the whips so we could push the marshmallows on to toast them over the fire.  Everyone was very sensible with the tools.

There are some photos below and you'll be able to see how hard we've all worked during this half term!

Thank you to everyone (including staff!) for working so hard to look after our wonderful animals.  (Miss T.)