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Extra sessions

Below are details of extra visits to the Animal Park and the Woodland.

Year 5 - Rekindling old memories!

Friday 13th December 2019

It was lovely to have Year 5 back in the woods again, we've not seen them since this time last year when they were in Year 4!  We explored the woodland, said hello to the animals and had hot chocolate round the log circle.  We had a lovely morning!

Year 2 - Science - 'Testing combustable materials'

Friday 18th October 2019

Year 2 had a very exciting science lesson the the woods today.  They have been learning about The Great Fire of London, and to link to their science topic, we tested lots of different materials to see which would burn and which would not, and what happened to them when we put them onto the fire.

We had a fire safety talk before we went to the Forest School site and we had to sit outside the log circle because the fire pit was in the middle and we needed to keep safe.  We learned about the Fire Triangle - the three elements needed for a fire: Fuel, Ignition and Oxygen.  Just like The Great Fire of London, the Fuel was the houses, Ignition was the oven on Puddling Lane and the Oxygen was the wind that fanned the flames.

We tried to burn lots of different materials and we learned that wood, paper, cardboard, straw, hay, polystyrene and plastic all burn quite quickly, but metal and stone or brick does not burn, but it does get very hot, especially the metal which sizzled a lot when Laura poured water over it after she'd (safely) fished it out of the fire.  We also learned that it is important not to burn plastic and polystyrene because that smoke they produce is very black and smells horrid.  It is not good for our environment.

When we had finished our experiment, we explored the new equipment on the Forest School site, then we had some home made soup and toasted marshmallows over the remains of the fire.

Laura showed us how to pour water carefully over the fire to put it out and make it safe, just like in the Great Fire of London song that we sang in our assembly last week.

We had a fabulous time in Forest School today.  Have a look at our photos below.

F2 - Bear Hunt Activities in the Woods.

Thursday 17th October 2019

 Miss Gill's Reception class visited the woods to see if they could find a Bear today.  They have been reading the Bear Hunt story in class and wanted to find out if there are any bears in our woodland.   They found some goats, a couple of pigs, a hedgehog, some chickens and some guinea pigs on the Animal Park and there was also a lot of thick oozy mud in the pig pens and in the goat paddock!  It was a beautiful day and they certainly weren't scared and the behaviour of these delightful children was truly wonderful!

We ventured into the woodland and made some mud bear food in our new Mud Kitchen; we made Stickman friends for the lonely bear and we made mud bears on the trees, using natural materials for the ears, eyes, arms and legs.  We explored the Forest School site and discovered a bear-like creature in one of the dens!  He was very friendly and didn't say much but he seemed to like our stickmen and our mud pies!

There was some water from all the rain that had gathered in the high tarp, so we pushed long sticks up and the water poured out like the deep cold river in the Bear Hunt story; we sat and bounced on the slack line and some of us fell off!  This was a bit of a shock the first time we did it, but once we found that it was a soft landing and didn't hurt, we started falling off the slack line on purpose!  It was very funny and we giggled a lot!  We did "stumble, trip" a bit, just like the family in The Bear Hunt story, so we had to learn not to run in the woods and to watch where we were going.  Miss T and Laura asked us not to climb on the big cargo net, because we are a bit little yet, so we asked if we could go underneath it and hang off it!  "What a wonderful idea!" said Miss T.  We had lots of fun.  

Miss T and Laura said that because our behaviour was so grown up and sensible today, they would like us to visit the woodland again very soon.

Have a look at some photos from a lovely Bear Hunt in Forest School!

Year 3 - Stone Age in the Woods!

Friday 20th September 2019

We had a wonderful Stone Age Forest School session with Year 3. 

We looked at a sheep fleece and talked about how this could have been used for clothing or bedding and Laura showed us some Ammonite fossils.  Ammonites were around long before the Stone Age. We moulded mud people onto the trees, we built stick dens with gardens and we painted pictures of Woolly Mammoths with mud.  We also made cave paintings on rocks with mud.  We used tarpaulins to cover our dens and talked about how Stone Age people probably would have used animal skin to cover their shelters, if they weren't in caves.  We filled our dens with hay to make them more comfortable.

The children had some wonderful ideas and we even had some Stone Age home made carrot and broccoli soup! (Was there such a thing?) - Either way, most of the children said it tasted lovely and there was very little left for Miss T's supper!

Behaviour was excellent and it was a pleasure to have this class back in the woods!

Thank you Year 3!

28th June 2019

We had an INSET day and Miss T and Laura ran Workshops in the woodland for teaching staff from our local primary and secondary schools. 

We made dens for Stickman families, Paracord men and rafts to race on the river.

20th June 2019

We had an extra Forest School session for 8 schools within our cluster.

Each school brought 6 children to visit our woodland.  We visited the village of the Woodland Folk of Giddyland and we looked for Sizzles, our woodland dragon.