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MRS KAYE'S Dragons Sept to Dec 2018

Session 11 - 28th November 2018

We spent a bit of time with our animals today.  They are all a bit fed up with the cold and wet weather, so we gave them some tasty treats and cleaned Olive's pen while she had a run round with the goats.  It was very muddy and some of us nearly lost our wellies in the mud!  We swept the tables in the goat paddock and had a look to see if there were any eggs.  We found a few, but then hens are not laying very many at the moment, it's too cold and dark!

After we had made sure the animals had fresh bedding and water, we went down into the woods and Miss Thompson said she thought we were sensible enough to learn how to use a bow saw for cutting wood that is too thick for loppers.  She gave us a Tool Talk to teach us how to be safe and we learned that we could only use this tool with a trained adult (that's Miss Thompson, Mrs. Attenborough and Laura), and that we needed to listen and follow their instructions.

We were all super sensible and everyone had a turn with the bow saw.  We cut some log cookies to use for our Christmas Craft session next week.  Miss Thompson wouldn't tell us what we're going to make, she said it needed to be a surprise!

Have a look at us being super sensible with the bow saw! 

We also made some independent Andy Goldsworthy art, and had time on the climbing tree, swings and monkey bar! 

Even though it was raining, we had a fantastic time in the woods!

Session 10  - 21st November 2018

It was chilly in the woods today, we had to make sure we were well wrapped up to keep warm.  We had a walk around the wood and collected lots of different leaves and twigs to make our Andy Goldsworthy inspired art. 

Andy Goldsworthy OBE is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland. 

We looked at the different colours and shapes of the leaves we collected and talked about the trees they had fallen from.  We learned to recognise cherry, oak, lime, silver birch and alder leaves. We even found some apples!

We took everything we had gathered back to our main FS site, split into four groups and started to create our natural art pictures.  Have a look at our photos below to see what we created.

We really liked the fact that once we had made our woodland art, we could leave them in the wood and "Nature would take them back!"

Session 9 - 14th November 2018

The weather was much better for our Forest School session this week, in fact it was a beautiful, sunny day!

We decided we would make a giant skeleton on the floor of the wood, but we had to problem solve how to do this.

We sat around the log circle in the wood and had a discussion.  We remembered the witches brooms we had made for Halloween, and thought it would be a good idea to use them to clear the leaves to make a space for our giant skeleton.

We split into five groups to make different parts of our skeleton, Group 1 with Mrs Attenborough, made the head; Group 2 with Mrs Kaye made the shoulders, arms and hands; Group 3 with Miss Thompson, made the spine and ribs; Group 4 with Lydia Buxton, (a Uni Student who was visiting our Forest School session), made the pelvis, and Group 5 with Laura made the legs and feet.

We had to work together in our groups to make our particular body part, but all the groups had to work together to make sure all the parts joined together and it looked right!  This was quite difficult and we initially made the arms too short, so we had to change it.

It was difficult to get photos of the finished skeleton because it is so big!  It's still there so why not have a walk down to the Woods this weekend and see if you can find it?

Session 8 - 7th November 2018

It was a really wet and rainy afternoon today, so our Forest School leaders decided that we would have a classroom session instead of going down to the woods.

Miss Thompson showed us how to do some 'square lashing' to join the ends of two sticks together at a 90 degree angle.  When we had done this, we worked in pairs to join our sticks together to make a picture frame.  This sounds complicated, but if you look at our photos below, you'll see what we mean!  

We found it quite difficult, but with perseverance, determination, concentration and a bit of adult help, we managed to make a fairly straight picture frame!  A few of us asked if we could decorate our frames with more wool and string and the end result was amazing! They look like dream catchers!  This gave us some ideas for future Forest School crafty sessions too!

Week 7 - Wed 17th and Fri 19th October

We have had two amazing woodland sessions with Donna and Natalie this week.  Half the class went to the woods on Wednesday and the other half went on Friday.  We have constructed two living willow dens in the open area in the middle of our woodland.  Donna and Natalie provided us with the willow whips, and they showed us how to prepare it, ready for planting. We also had to prepare the ground and dig it out so the willow has a better chance of rooting and growing.  We had to be careful not to disturb the creatures living in the ground and we relocated several worms and beetles so they didn't get hurt during the course of our digging. 

The children in Year 3 / 4 have behaved brilliantly during these sessions, they have listened, learned, concentrated and with the support of Donna and Natalie, and each other, they have created two incredible living willow frames,  that hopefully will grow and mature into strong, healthy structures over the next few years, along with the members of our Fabulous Year 3/4 Forest School group!

These sessions have been truly wonderful and these two amazing ladies have taught us all skills that we will use many times during the course of our future Forest School learning! 

Have a look at the photos below to see how we made our dens, but better still, come down to the woods and see for yourselves!  

Week 6 - Friday 12th October

This session was the first of  3 Willow Weaving sessions with Donna and Natalie from The Growth Project.  The session was held in The Children's Centre as it involved a lot of sitting and the weather was a little wet and windy!

Donna and Natalie brought a lot of willow whips (long, thin, straight branches of willow) and talked about the properties of these, and how they are very bendy and pliable.  They showed us how to bend the whips without breaking them and then we made a crown by making a branch into a circle and looping the end through.  You'll see when you look at the photos below.

Donna made some fish shapes out of willow for us and we weaved more whips in and out of the shape, which was a little more difficult than it looked, but the children worked really hard and persevered and made some amazing willow fish!

Have a look at our photos to see what an amazing session we had!

Thank you Donna and Natalie, see you next week for Sessions 2 and 3!

Week 5 - Wed 03.10.18

We spent some time with our animals, collected some hen eggs, swept Olive's pen and fed Ned, Norbert and Norris.  We had a cuddle with our baby guinea pigs, they're growing fast!

Then we split into four groups and went down to our Geo Dome.  Mrs. Kaye's group decorated the Geo Dome with more wool; Mrs. Attenborough's group made leaf pictures and leaf rubbing with wax crayons; Laura's group whittled sticks and decorated them to hang in our Geo Dome; Miss Thompson's group weaved spider webs with sticks and wool, and we hung those in our Geo Dome too!

Have a look at our photos below.....

Week 4 - Friday 28.09.18

Geo Dome construction!

Here's Martin, on the first couple of pictures...

First he showed us how to make and fix a triangle of garden canes.  We used masking tape and we worked in groups, two of us holding the canes while one of us joined the canes together. Team Work!

When we had made 15 triangles, Martin laid them out on the floor and we helped him to apply more masking tape to hold all the triangles together.

We gradually pulled the shapes up from the floor and ended up with a pentagon-based, triangular prism Geo Dome!  More masking tape and some tie wraps ensured the structure was sturdy and we then wrapped coloured wool around the frame to decorate it.  The grown ups put a tarpaulin over the top of the dome, and the children carried some large logs inside to sit on.

Voila! our Geo Dome was complete!

We will be evolving and improving it over the next few weeks!


Week 3 - Wednesday 19.09.18

Working in groups: Animals, pond work, balance beam and site boundary marking.

Week 2 - Wednesday 12.09.18

Introduction to our animals and exploring our woodland.