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Christmas Crafts 2020

Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 have all been making Forest School Christmas crafts in their classrooms this week.  Please scroll down the page to see what each year group has been making!  

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


Year 2 - Monday 14th December 2020

Stick Reindeer and Snowman Tree Decorations.

Year 2 worked really hard with their Christmas crafts today.  They listened carefully to the instructions and took care and time making some wonderful stick and log creations.

Have a look at the photos below.  Fantastic work Year 2!

Year 3 - Tuesday 15th December 2020

Mini log reindeer and Snowman Tree Decorations.

Year 3 had quite a tricky activity today.  Their mini reindeer were not easy to put together, but everyone managed to create a wonderful, unique craft with stickability, determination and very little adult intervention!  They followed the instructions on the IWB and the end results were absolutely delightful! 

Have a look at the process on the photos below.

The log snowmen Christmas tree decorations are also fantastic.  Well done Year 3!

Year 4 - Wednesday 16th December 2020

Log Snowmen and Christmas Willow Wreaths.

We had a lovely morning with Year 4 making Christmas crafts in the classroom.  Their log snowmen were wonderful, each one was unique and each had a different expression on their faces!

The Christmas willow wreaths looked absolutely fabulous!  These are very tricky to make and a lot of patience is needed to wrap the greenery around the willow ring without it falling off!  

Well done Year 4, your Christmas crafts are fantastic!