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Makaton Club

What is Makaton?

Makaton is designed to support spoken language – signs are used with speech, in spoken word order to help children and adults to communicate. Using signs can help children who have no speech (either because they have communication difficulties or are very young) or whose speech is unclear. 


Stonebroom's Makaton Club

Makaton club is open to all pupils from Reception to Year 6. The aim of the club is to teach children everyday signs which will enable them to have basic conversations using the signs that they have learnt. We aim to teach Makaton through fun games and activities as well as videos by Mr Tumble. As the children progress through the signs they will achieve special certificates which they will receive in assembly. 

Makaton can help children and adults who have difficulty with:

  • Communicating what they want, think or how they feel
  • Making themselves understood
  • Paying attention
  • Listening to and understanding speech
  • Remembering sequencing 

The club will take place in Miss Gill's classroom on Wednesday lunch times at 12:30. The club is run by Miss Walton and supported by Miss Gill.

Sign of the week

The children are doing so well at Makaton Club! Lots of children have now achieved their bronze and silver certificates and some are well on their way to achieving their gold certificate. We are starting to use the sign we know when singing songs and we were fantastic at this yesterday! Please watch the videos below.

Week one

What a great first week of Makaton Club! To begin the session we learnt "My name is (name)" and the children went around the group introducing themselves, some children even had a go at signing "What is your name?". After, we learnt to sign the alphabet and played a Simon Says game to see how many letters we could remember. The children were absolutely FANTASTIC and picked the signs up quickly. To finish the session we learnt the sign of the week, which is 'socks' (see the video above). Well done to all those that attended Makaton Club, Miss Walton and Miss Gill are very excited to see you all next week!

Week two

Another great turn out at Makaton Club this week! During this session we learnt the signs for members of our family. We learnt mummy, daddy, brother, sister, grandma and granddad. The children then applied what they learnt last week to ask each other the names of the people in their family. 

Week three and four

What a great two weeks of Makaton Club! Over the past two weeks we have been learning how to sign different verbs. We had to use our super signing to tell our teddies to do different actions, we then had to decided whether our teddies were going to the actions fast or slow and sign this as well. We have also been learning Mr Tumble's Hello Song. 

We can't wait to see you all again after the Easter holidays!

Week five

This week we have been learning the signs for different foods. Miss Walton set up a picnic and the children had to sign the food that they wanted to try. The children were able to sign the different food and some children were having a go at signing please and thank you! 

During this session, we told the children about the special certificates that they can achieve in Makaton club. When the children know 25 signs they will receive a bronze certificate, 50 signs a silver certificate, 75 signs a gold certificate and 100 signs a platinum certificate. 

Week 6

This week we have continued to learn how to sign different foods and we have played lots of games to help us learn the signs. Some children have earned their first Makaton certificate today and will receive their certificate in the next celebration assembly.