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Gardening club 


Our Gardening Club runs every Tuesday afternoon from 1.15 to 3.00.

Sam is going to be showing us how to take care of the vegetables that we planted in July.

We will be taking cuttings from lots of plants and trees to see what grows in the Spring.

In a few weeks we will be harvesting some of our vegetables.

Keep coming back to see what we are doing in our Gardening Club.


We harvested some of our produce this week and we ate it all!  We ate the ripe tomatoes straight off the vine, and we cooked runner beans and carrots and shared them between us.  They were delicious!  We sang our harvest song while we were picking our fruit and vegetables, and we pulled out all the dead plants and fed them to our pigs.  We made people out of some of the green tomatoes, they are guarding our marigold patch!

We found some fungus growing on the playground and Sam talked to us about how to be safe and careful around fungus. (Some of us have been learning about this in Forest School too).  We had a bit of time left when we had finished harvesting our vegetables so Sam and Miss T took us into the woodland to have a look at some other species of fungus.  We lay on the ground on our tummies to have a good look at it without having to touch it, because some fungus could make us quite poorly, so it's best not to touch any of it unless an adult says so.  We found a ripe puff ball and tapped the top of it so that the spores puffed out like smoke out of a chimney.

Have a look at some photos below.


When we went to visit our garden area after the six weeks holiday we found that lots of things had been growing while we were away!  We have carrots, pumpkins, marrows, beetroot, tomatoes and sunflowers.  There are also a few beans and there were lots of weeds too!  We cleared all the weeds away and found some lovely flowers that Sam said were called Dahlias.  We didn't even plant those so we're not quite sure where they came from, but they are very beautiful and Sam is going to show us how to gather the seeds when the flowers have finished.

Today (17th Sept) we went to the piggy area to dig out some good compost for our Buddleia cuttings.  Buddleia is also known as the Butterfly Tree, because the flowers attract lots of butterflies and bees in the summer.  The pigs didn't mind us digging on their field and they came over for a fuss!

Sam showed us how to take some cuttings and we each planted four in a pot.  We dipped the cuttings in some rooting compound which will help the roots to form.  We will have to wait until the Spring to see how many of our cuttings start to grow.

We also had a look at the vegetables we planted and we found a ripe tomato.  Sam carefully cut it up and we tried it.  You will see from the photos what we thought of it!  We had a look at the sunflowers that are beginning to go to seed and Sam showed us how the seeds come out of the middle of the flower.

Have a look at the photos below to see how hard we worked today!


Two children from each KS2 class have been working with Sam, (Miss Thompson's son) for the past few weeks, and they have been clearing the raised beds on the school grounds, and adding new compost.  They have planted pumpkins, carrots, parsley, and runner beans.  Hopefully after all the rain we've had recently, everything will germinate quickly.

We have lots of plans for the future and are hoping to add new raised beds with  flowers, veg and maybe even some fruit bushes!

Keep coming back to see what we're up to, and meanwhile have a look at a few photos from our most recent sessions.  We even had time for a wheelbarrow race (old style!), and a visit to the Animal Park this week.