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Week 3 Question: What would happen if the world wasn't real?

Elephant Class

If it wasn't real then the world wouldn't be real.

We chatted about what it would be like if the world wasn't real and found it tough to imagine what and how it would be like. This is because we spoke about all the things that make the world real to us. Some of Arlo's examples included: being able to look at things and to be able to talk to each other. We said if the world wasn't real, there would be no animals, birds or humans left, everything would be pitch black and everything would be gone. Arlo said he knows the world is real because he is real and we are all real.

(Arlo and Mum)

Meerkat Class

A poem:

If the world wasn't real

You could not eat a meal,

You wouldn't be able to feel

You'd never see an eel,

You couldn't hear a squeal

And that would be the deal!


Koala Class

The atmosphere wouldn't have us in and the earth would not be in the sky so we wouldn't be a thing. No one would know about us and no one would be real, not even in heaven. 


Dragon Class

The earth won't be in space and people can't do what they want because they

won't be there and god won't be there.


Giraffe Class

If the world wasn't real we wouldn't be here and nothing would exist. There would

be no nature, no trees or oxygen, no animals, no insects, no buildings, no satellite,

or grave yards and we would not be alive. 


Shark Class

 I think it would be hard because the world is a brilliant place to be with technology, jobs, sweets, cars and school. 

I think it would be better because of the pollution and seeing other planets in the solar system.

If the world wasn't real, it would be like living in a giant video game, where you could make up things as you go along.

If the world wasn't real, we wouldn't exist. 

It would be a very strange place where people may not always live by rules.

(Evie and family)

Week 2 Question:Is it possible to try your hardest all of the time? 

Elephant Class

No, if you are poorly you might not feel like trying your hardest.



No, sometimes you get tired so can't try your best.

Yes. I always try my hardest and as long as we try our hardest and do our

best no matter the outcome, we will be happy. 

(Joe and mum)

Meerkat Class

No, because sometimes you need to have a rest. Sometimes you need to do your



No because sometimes you make mistakes. When you get tired you can't always have the energy to do your best.

(William and mum)

Koala Class

Everyone tries their best to succeed at work. I would like to succeed in art! Yes, because you can always try and try again.

I think it depends on the target/goal for the effort required. Also the time allocated to the task. Human ability and environments, for example a task is harder to complete in the rain or on sand or one handed. Did you eat breakfast? Are you fit enough? Have you learnt enough? It is possible to believe you can try your hardest every time, but perfection and desired results are dependent on many factors. Skill, luck, focus, desirability and confidence.

(Eevee and Dad)

Dragon Class

In my opinion I don't think you can try your hardest all the time, because sometimes you are not concentrating. Mum thinks that we should always try our hardest especially when its for something important like school work or doing sports, so you don't let your team down.


Giraffe Class

No, because you can get tired.

No, you can loose interest.

You can only try your best at a specific time. For example, if you haven't slept properly in a few days your best wouldn't be as good as when you're well rested.

(Jack, William and Dad)  

Week 1 Question:Would you rather be a Crocodile or a Pirate?


Elephant Class

I would be a crocodile because pirates died a long time ago and crocodiles are still alive today.


Meerkat Class 

A Pirate because you could find a treasure chest and sail the seven seas.  


I'd rather be a pirate because I could make bad people walk the plank.


 Koala Class

 I would rather be a crocodile because I get to live in the sea in warm oceans like in North America. I also would have a longer life span of up to 100 years. I love meat and I'd have a stronger bite to any other animal.


I would rather be a crocodile because I can eat the pirate and sink his ship so I can have his jewels! 


Dragon Class

I would rather be a crocodile because they've been alive longer and they have really sharp teeth. Also it has rock hard scales on its body that stops other predators hurting it.


 Giraffe Class

 I would be a crocodile because pirates hurt people.


I would be a crocodile because Pirates were bad people.


A pirate, because they get lots of treasure.



A crocodile so I can swim in water and pirates steal.

Crocodile so your not naughty on purpose, its instinct.

Pirate because I like treasure. 

Crocodile because you constantly live in water and when they bite something they are just defending themselves. 

(Jessica and family)

Shark Class

I would rather be a crocodile than a pirate because crocodiles live longer and are mostly relaxed, until they see prey.

Crocodile because they have lived on earth for over 200 million years, 65 million years before dinosaurs. They are true survivors.

I would rather be a crocodile because it can live on land and in water and is strong and resilient to changes in nature. A pirate is just a glorified thief. 

I would be a pirate as they are very cheeky, funny and a little bit scary!

We would rather be crocodiles because they have lived longer than anything else.

(Lyndon and family)