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Week 14 Question: What makes someone successful?



Elephant Class

Being positive and hardworking makes someone successful. 



Meerkat Class

What makes someone successful is if they have a good attitude to learning. You need to be kind, helpful and to respect other people.


If someone sets them self some goals and they achieve them then they are successful. I would set a goal to never loose golden time and to achieve as much as I can and put in as much effort as I can in school.


Koala Class

Setting Goals and trying to complete them.



 Dragon Class

If you are serious about achieving outstanding success in life, read and study from the successful people. Learn from both their failures and their success. Do what they do that is successful and avoid making the same mistakes they made. Take massive action until you have reached your goals. 



Giraffe Class

Achieving things like goals or something you want to do is making someone successful. 


Week 13 Question: What is free time? Is it important?



Elephant Class

Free time is when you have some spare time. It is important because it gives you time to refresh your brain. I like to read, play, go to the park and play roblox in my free time. 


Meerkat Class

I love reading! I think free time is good because you could play inside or outside your house. I think free time is important because you can refresh your mind.


Koala Class

Free time is when you get to go and take a brake to do something of your choice. Free time is important because everybody needs a break from doing things they have to do.


Dragon Class

Free time is when you get to do what you want to do.

 Free time is having time with your family when not at work or busy doing other


 Finding free time is important as so much time is spent working and away from

family. Whilst it is important to work long hours to provide a stable life for your

family, it is also important to have free time to spend as family too.

(Amelia and family)


Giraffe Class

Free time is time on your own or without work. Yes it is important, because it gives you time to relax and to be stress free.

Free time is time you set aside to spend with family and friends or be on your own. It's very important for your own mental health and well being.

Time is the most precious thing and priceless. We must spend all of our time very wisely. Time we get to our self or with loved ones are usually the most important times of our lives. Time to our self can be used to reflect and grow as a person.

(Lyndon and family)



Week 12 Question: What is family?



 Elephant Class

Family is where people take care of you and have similar eyes, colour hair and skin.


Meerkat Class

You argue with family but still get along.



You can still support your family even if you don't live with them.


Koala Class

Family are something that you can love. 

Family loves you.


Dragon Class

 I think family is where you all get together like parties and at Christmas, Easter and Birthdays. 


 Shark Class

I think that family is a relationship with a person/people and you have get



Week 11 Question: Would you rather live in the sea or in a pond?

Sheep Class

I would live in the pond because there are no sharks.


Elephant Class

I would live in a pond because I could play with the ducks.


Meerkat Class

I would rather live in none, in case a shark or crocodile tried to eat me.


Koala Class

I would rather live in a pond because there wouldn't be as many things that could eat me like sharks and whales.


Dragon Class

 I would rather live in the sea! There are sea creatures and the ponds are manky and dirty. Ponds only have frogs and slimy algae. Also would you like to be slimy and covered in algae. 

I would like to live in the sea because there are turtles, fish, sea horses and seagulls! I like wildlife. 

The sea is a beautiful place, the pond is a disgusting place.


Giraffe Class

I would rather live in the sea, because it covers a lot more of the earth, therefore vast and very interesting.

I would rather live in the sea because it is massive and beautiful and lots of animals live there.

I think the pond as it is safer and has a tranquil environment.



Week 10 Question: What does it mean to be Happy?


 Sheep Class

When someone gets excited that makes them happy.

It is good to sleep in your own bed because that makes your grown up happy.

It makes me happy when I eat food.


Elephant Class

Being happy is when you want to smile.

When you get something you have been wanting for a long time. When you get something new and being told you are going on holiday, that makes you happy. 

When you are playing with friends.


Meerkat Class

Being happy means to be joyful and content. Joining in with things.


Koala Class

To be happy is feeling or showing contentment. 


Dragon Class

I think people and friends make me happy. My family make me happy.

When people are kind to me and others and people are kind to make people happy.


Giraffe Class

To be happy it means to experience emotions from an action.

To be happy means that you take more care of yourself both physically and mentally.

I find it a difficult question, especially to answer as a 'general' opinion. 

To be happy means lots of things to different people. To pin point a 'meaning' to be happy is a feeling of contentment calmness or tranquility within ones own life, family or situations.

(Lyndon and family)



Week 9 Question: What is colour?


Sheep Class

Amelia's final thought to the question was 'pink, purple and red.' She also responded that the sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is yellow and that the grass would be funny if it was blue.


Elephant Class

Colour makes happiness and colour is everywhere.

Colour can make us feel warm, cold, happy and sad. It can change seasons from greens to yellows of summer to the browns and whites of winter. Colour is all around us and involved in every aspect of our lives.

(Gracie and mum)

Meerkat Class

Colour is everywhere. Colour is in the rainbow. You can change the colour on some things.


Koala Class

Colour can change the way you feel and respond to situations in life.


Dragon Class

Yellow, blue, grey and pink are colours in the rainbow.

Colour is described with your personality and artistic features.

Colour is someones personality.

(Sanel and family)

Giraffe Class

Colour isn't black or white.

Colour can brighten things up or dull things down.

All of us think colour can change a lot of things, like the way we look, makeup and hair dye. Colour can be used to change the colour of walls. It can be interesting, beautiful and we can also be adventurous and unique with colour.

There's a lot of colour in the rainbow.

(Ella and family)



Week 8 Question: What does it mean to be different?


Elephant Class

Being different makes you stand out from the crowd. It's good to be different. Everybody is different in some small way.



Meerkat Class

Don't laugh at other people that are different. (Lottie)

Not following the crowd and making the 'popular' decision. (Dad)

Being an individual and embracing these characteristics. (Mum)

Being different is meaning not being the same. (Joseph)

(Joseph and Family)


Koala Class

Being different means not being the same as anyone else. People might have different clothes, hair shoes and skin colour. 



Dragon Class

We think what it means to be different is that everyone is different to each other. If everybody was the same, it would be boring. Everybody doing and saying the same things. Most importantly, whilst everyone is different, you don't treat them any different to others.



Giraffe Class

It means your not the same as anyone else and your not the same body, colour, you don't wear the same clothes or have the same eye colour, but it's ok. 




Week 7 Question: What would the world be like without technology?

Sheep Class

When asked the question, Amelia said there would be no phones so we could not call anybody and there wouldn't be any television, so we would play with toys all day.


Elephant Class

Its safer. There would be more face to face communication.



Koala Class

Technology is good to help learn but it also takes over peoples lives. NASA and hospitals would be able to work without technology. 



Dragon Class

The world would have less people because technology enables us to have easy lives and larger families. The wielding of fire as a tool was an advancement to technology. Without technology, the closest comparison is a planet which no one uses tools or have the mental ability to explore their surroundings. 

Life would be boring, because most of the world uses technology. Everyone would have to walk everywhere.



Giraffe Class

Evie- I think it would be better because phones, tablets and laptops can make you have glasses and you need to be more active, not just sit inside all day.

Mum- I think it would be better without technology as children would play out more and not be stuck in doors in front of the computer, tablet or phone! I think technology makes people lazy.

Dad- The world would be different without technology, as some people rely on computers to communicate and speak for them. People who struggle to get out the house can order shopping and pay bills online. Advances in technology and research are saving more lives. 

(Evie and Family) 

Shark Class 

My opinion is that people would talk more face to face and interact with each other more by spending more time together from distractions  from technology. 

I also think a quarter of the population would die because they are incapable of looking after themselves without technology.



Week 6 Question: What does it mean to be fair?


Sheep Class

-When people are mean it isn't fair.

-To share.

-Everyone should have the same so it is being fair.



Elephant Class

Being kind and sharing turns to play together is fair.



Meerkat Class


Jack- To have a equal group. When you have your silver badge, share to others.

Mum- Treating people equally. Giving everyone a turn when playing a game.

Dad-Don't choose favorites.

Ella-To not leave anyone out and to share.

Mama- Treating everyone the same.

Grandad- To be good to people and be right.

All the family- Giving everyone a chance.


Koala Class

Ruby - You should share equally and don't fight over things. 

Mum - Like Ruby said, share things equally and not hide them in the room.

Ellie - You should share your toys like me and my brother.

Dar (Grandad) - I agree with Ruby but you should just give it to the person and not just keep it yourself.


Dragon Class

If your fair it means you treat everyone the same way and equally without favoritism. To be fair is not cheating. It also means you are kind. Fair is also to start the same point so no one has an advantage. 



Giraffe Class

To be fair it means to take turns with people so everyone has a turn and to split things equally so everyone has the same amount. In sport, fair is for everyone to have a turn so you are not just picking your friends or people you like.



Week 5 Question: Would you rather... Swim with a Shark or lie down with a Lion?

Sheep Class

I would like to lie down with a baby lion because they are cute and I like their fluff and when they roar.


Elephant Class

I would rather swim with a shark because some sharks are nice and you can go in a cage with a rope.


Meerkat Class

I would swim with a shark, so I can swim away and hide.


Neither, as both animals can be dangerous but if we had to pick then we would lie down with a lion as some lions can be tamed.

(Jack and Mum)

Koala Class

I would lie down with a lion because I can't swim.


Dragon Class

I'd rather lie down with a lion because I'd think they would be very soft and cuddly.


I would rather lie down with s lion (on the other side of the fence).


I would rather swim with a shark (Hammer Head Shark).


I would rather not do any, which ever one you pick there is only one end.


 Giraffe Class

I would rather swim with a shark because you could get on its back and it will swim to the sand and the shark will not bite you.


Shark Class

I would lie down with a lion because I think you could tame a lion enough to be with it, with a shark you can't.


-A lion because they are fluffy, look nice and I hate cold water.

-A shark because lions are more likely to attack you quickly.

-A lion because then he has a chance to fight.

-Lay down with a lion because I like them and they are cuddly!

(Claudia and family)


Week 4 Question: What is Big?

 Sheep Class 

Mums and Dads are big. The world is big.



Elephant Class

Big is something of considerable size. (Mum)

Big is used to categorise something that is large in size. (Dad)

I think the sun, galaxies and universe are big. (Levi)

I think buildings, trees, planes and grown ups are big. (Cady) 


Koala Class

Where an object is bigger than my family.

Objects like a tree, house, hotel, bus and aeroplane.



Dragon Class

Big is a describing word.

Big is comparing to something else.

Big is an adjective.

Big is not always better.

If something is too big for you, it can't be used/played with.

If your shoes are too big for you, you get blisters.

Big can sometimes be heavy.

Sometimes big can mean chunky.

Big is sometimes fun.



Giraffe & Meerkat Class

Ella - Tall people are big.

Mum - The world is big.

Ella - Some people have big surprises.

Jack - A giant is big.

Jack - My football net is big.

Ella & Jack - Our beds are big.

Mum - The sky is big.

All of us - Some animals are big like elephants.

All of us - Planes are big.

Overall, big is when something is bigger than us, that is big to us.

(Ella & Jack)


Sharks Class

A house, an elephant, a giraffe, a hot air balloon, an aeroplane, a blimp, a cinema screen and skyscrapers. (Bobby)

Week 3 Question: What makes a good friend?

Sheep Class

Today, Lincon showed Arlo what it was to be a good friend. Even though he didn't have many left, he shared all of his mints with his friends, which was very kind. To be a good friend you have to share, be kind, helpful, caring and to show respect to each other. Arlo's example of being a good friend was, "If someone falls over you have to help them."


Elephant Class

Be kind, caring, respectful, listen. when someone is mean you go and help them. Make them feel better when they are upset. Let them join in games and share your toys.


Meerkat Class

Always having someone to play with. Someone who is loyal and selfless. Someone who listens to you. Someone who likes the same things as you. They are kind to me.


Koala Class

Mum thinks a good friend is someone that enjoys helping and supporting their friends at all times - in good and bad times. Conner - someone who doesn't leave someone out, is truthful and honest. Joshua - someone who is respectful and caring at all times. Words that mean a good friend: respectful, kind, helpful, good listener, funny, sharing, caring and playful.


Dragon Class


To be a good friend, you must think of their feelings and be nice. Do things together that you both like. You make each other happy. It's someone to have fun with. Someone kind who you can trust. You look out for one another. A friend is reliable. A friend makes you smile.


Giraffe Class

Evie: I think a good friend is one who plays nicely and always treats people fairly and never falls falls out.

Mum: A good friend is someone who is always there for you in good times and bad times, who is kind and who will listen and offer advice. Also you have fun with them. A good friend is someone who is not afraid to tell you when you're wrong and help you make the right decision.

Dad: Someone who listens to your problems and someone who helps you figure your problems out.

(Evie & family)


Sharks Class

Looking after them and telling jokes and playing with them.

Mum: Tall or giant.

Dad: Really tall.

Dom: Telling jokes and making them happy.

Cam: Playing with them.

Michael: Playing with them.

(Chelsea & Family)

Week 2 Question: What does it mean to be clever?

Sheep Class

Being clever means you try your best to learn new things - Lydia.

Being clever means you sometimes know things that other people don't - Amelia

People can be clever at lots of different things, some might be clever at English and maths, others can be clever at playing football. Some might be clever at many different things. As long as you try something and have a go, you are clever! That's all that matters.

(Lydia & family)

Elephant Class

You are listening to your teacher - you have done something very good. 


Meerkat Class

Clever means these things:

Know lots of things.

To know when to make the right choices.

Understand right from wrong.

To learn all of my lessons.


Koala Class

My final thought on what does it mean to be clever is that you need to listen and work  hard at school. An interesting idea is to have a reward system for people to have something to work towards.


Dragon Class


Being clever to me means knowing right from wrong and using that information to my advantage. (Mamma)

Being clever means to me that working hard gets results. (Grandad)

Being clever means working out answers for everyday questions making me progress in life. (Uncle Craig)

Being clever means working out the right answers and using it the best you can. (Dad)

Being clever to me is using your skills to achieve everything and more from your life. (Mum)

(Harry ST & family)

Giraffe Class

 Dad:  I think being clever is not necessarily being brainy but to be able to solve whatever comes your way.

Mum: I think that being clever is all about listening and learning something new.

Evie: I think it means that you know lots of things and that you can do certain things that maybe other people can't do!

(Evie & family)

Shark Class

Claudia - it's good to be clever because you learn new things and you can get better jobs.

Mum - to want to learn and get on in life.

Troy - it feels good to be clever.

Dad - to gain knowledge and experience.

Sammy - to know the answer to something or have the knowledge to be able to find out the answer.

(Claudia & family)

Week 1 Question: What is play?

Sheep Class

Play is: Playing with friends, going on a bike ride, going to school and playing in the playground, going snowboarding. Playing is a social event and active - usually outside.  Milo enjoys structured and free-flow play, where he can be creative and imaginative. He enjoys support and interest from adults as well as having the freedom to explore independently or with friends. It makes him really happy. 

(Milo & family)


Elephant Class

Mama thinks that play is time to do something you enjoy like reading and playing with friends. I think play is a game of tag. Mummy thinks play is having fun on your own or with friends. Overall: People think play is different things, depending what they like to do.

(Isobelle & family)


Meerkat Class

Spending time with family & friends. Play is fantastic! Play is fun. My favourite stuff to play with is Hatchimals, scooter, my little pony & slime surprise.



Koala Class

Play is where I can be active with my friends for enjoyment. This in turn helps me relax and be creative.



Dragon Class

Play makes learning fun. Play is important to grow as a person and learn social skills. Play is exploring my likes and dislikes. Playing makes sad people happy. Play is bonding with others. Playing makes us excited. Playing makes us unhealthy. Play is to pretend eg. "I'm a rock star." Playing is to explore and free your imagination. Playing is having fun by myself or with others. I play in my free time. Playing is to be creative and make boring things fun. Playing is a mutual experience. Playing is taking turns and listening. Playing is sharing. Playing is helping. Playing is forgetting rules but being mindful. Playing is pushing my boundaries.

(Charity & family)


Giraffe Class

Dad - Play is fun, play is interacting with people, it is achieved in many different ways. My favourite way to play is football.

Mum - Play is about enjoying time with friends & being kind.

Ava - Play is about sharing equipment, all playing together. Playing is having fun.

(Ava & family)


Shark Class

Play to me is being able to have time to refresh your mind for the next lesson also having time to play with friends.

Playing hide and seek and pretending to be in the army.

Running around and playing tig.

It's about having fun and being mischievous.

Having fun and spending time with friends.

Playing football and having fun with friends.

Playing manhunt and having fun.

Playing with friends.


(Millie & family)